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Ayurveda Navikara Renewal Fluid – Channel the Power of its 7 Herbs!

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There’s no shortage of Vitamins Cs, Collagens, Green teas, and CoQ10s that you possibly can’t include in your daily regimen. However, is it enough to stop the aging clock? No! Take a quick look at yourself in the mirror as you read this, be brutally honest!

Aging woman looking in mirror. Depositphotos
  • Does your under-eye area look more saggy and crepey than usual?
  • What about your forehead? Got any ‘worry’ lines?
  • An uneven texture on the skin on your cheeks?

Well, that is because there’s not 1, but 2 different kinds of aging. 

One that’s natural and caused due to the body’s inability to repair damage as fast and well as it used to, for which iYURA has found other ways to appease.

The second kind happens prematurely as a result of extensive exposure to environmental stressors, pollution, smoking, exhaustion, physical, mental and emotional fatigue, and other lifestyle-based factors.

And when that happens, your face, under-eye area, neck, and forehead are the first to take the brunt.

To address this, it requires a targeted Ayurvedic solution, more precisely, a Revival Fluid that engages those environmental stressors, pollution, and toxins in the air that wreak havoc on your skin, in combat! A solution that repletes lost energy and glow, one that works on your face and body with equal vigor…

Navikara Renewal Fluid

Navikara Renewal Fluide

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Satiate your face and body with Navikara Renewal Fluid, an all-new 7-Herbed solution that’s here to save you from the misery when someone guesses your age wrong, pulverizing your self-esteem and making you feel older than you are!  Now you can counter and reverse the impact of fatigue, stress, environmental exposure, and macro pollutants that affect the health and appearance of the skin on your face and body! Here are some of Navikara Renewal Fluids attributes.

  • Works well with all skin tones, but especially well for deep skin tones to imbue a subtle brightness and glow
  • 100% natural, fights against the stressed -induced look of deep wrinkles, fine lines and age spots
  • Awakens the skin’s natural glow and evens out its complexion to restore its original beauty
  • Fights against the impact of 2 kinds of aging: intrinsic and extrinsic
  • Removes dullness, dryness and retains softness and moisturization
  • The VEGAN face and body renewal fluid balances your extra dry or extra oily skin
  • Experience the magic of the number 7 with this 7-herb face and body oil to wring out tiredness from head to toe

Use Code Lilac10 on your first order to enjoy an additional 10% off!

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