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Ayurveda Rujahari Oil Year End Sale!

The frosty weather can affect and influence the health of every joint, muscle, bone and nerve. Aches, pains, and muscle fatigue can be the result of dealing with the winter chills. So, if your joints are crackling more than your fireplace, then read on!

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The reason for this is that when it gets cold, the barometric pressure drops. That means there’s less pressure on your body from the air, making your joints, muscles, tendons and even scar tissue swell and gives that uncomfortable feeling!

But your body doesn‚Äôt have to take the heat (or, cold!) when Ayurvedic aficionados created this ‚ÄėStuff of Legends‚Äô, concocted carefully with not just 10, 20, 30 herbs, but over 40 powerful Ayurvedic herbs, that are rarely found in the West!¬†¬†

This exotic oil with pure Ayurvedic ingredients provides youthfulness and vitality and assists in natural care for discomfort! Rujahari Oil contains both Saffron and Turmeric as well as five other important herbs that have been individually and collectively researched in India for their powerful soothing effects. They are Solanum indicum, Tribulus terrestris, Uraria picta, Desmondium gangeticum and Solanum surattense. People are loving the relief they get when massaged into their skin and the beautiful arromatic scent is heavenly.

Why do you need Rujahari Oil and not just any minty balms or sprays?

  • Completely natural, Ayurvedic support in dealing with discomfort¬†
  • The art of Massage and Ayurvedic oils have a strong bond since eternity. Rujahari Oil facilitates an effective massage session of those tired joints and muscles.¬†¬†
  • Also promotes attractiveness of the body and longevity!
  • Not only meant for those with joint discomfort: can also be used by anyone who wishes to provide natural support and care to their body!

You’re getting¬†flat 15% off¬†everything in-store, but because it’s Christmas, you can get an¬†additional 10% off¬†Rujahari Oil if you apply coupon code¬†ENJOY10¬†at checkout!

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