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Ayurveda Sale! Biggest Discount Ever!

Did you know that iYURA’s Decadent Duos are the perfect partnerships that excel in making you succeed with your skin goals?

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iYURA’s Ayurvedic POWER-DUOs work in tandem to produce superlative results with the power of natural Ayurvedic herbs, working double-time! 

But this Black Friday, these Duos are turning out to double up the benefits you get from them through not only powerful pairing but also with massive discounts of up to a whopping 34% that never come for these duos except – NOW, hence, no wonder these are running out so fast! 

Black Friday 2X Deals!

Did you know?

If you get 2 Duos today, we’ll give you 1 more for FREE!  

Here are some of the Duo Packs you can stock up on and give for Christmas!

Eye Am Special Eyecare Duo
Mature skincare kit
Prinourish Skin Enriching Superfood Serum

Day & Night Duo at 33% OFF🎅

iYura AM/Pm Facial Oils

Fan-favorite AM & PM Face Oils for firm, glowing, moisturized skin!

Black Gram Duo at 30% OFF🎄

Black Gram Oil for dry skin

Black Gram’s intense moisture and support for dehydrated, aging, dry skin!

Manjistha Magic Duo at 28% OFF🎅

Manjistha Magic Duo

2x Manjistha for 2x glow, brightening, firming and reduction of the appearance of dark spots!

Youthful Glow Duo at 28% OFF🎄

Youthful Glow Duo

Moisturizing face oils for younger-looking, smoother and glowing skin!

IncogniGlow Youth Burst Duo at 34% OFF 🎅

IncogniGlow Youth Burst Duo

The ultimate skincare stars for radiant, youthful face and under-eyes!

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