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Ayurveda Skincare, in Harmony with Mother Earth

Today is Earth Day. A day to appreciate our beautiful planet by keeping it free of debris, toxins, and waste. Many people care and chip in to do their part because they know it makes a difference. The same is true when it comes to our body, inside and out.

With the health situation in the world, more and more of us are seeking and choosing the path of wellness. Our diet is a huge factor when it comes to our health. If we eat vibrant and nutritious foods, our immune system will be strengthened and we’ll be able to handle any virus that comes our way.

And while the Earth is getting some time to breathe, let’s take this opportunity to introspect and contemplate our actions and the results they have on the environment.

So, here’s a glimpse into what the Ayurveda Experience does in alignment with their philosophy of clean, earth-friendly beauty.

While ensuring that each of the ingredients that goes into the making of their products is safetoxin-free, and completely natural, they also believe in maintaining transparency when it comes to our list of ingredients used.

This means that unlike other “natural” companies, they do not slip in preservatives or chemicals into their products under the deceptive label of “fragrance”.

Picked right from Nature’s lap, only the choicest of herbs go into the making of their oils, following the meticulous processes elaborated in Ayurvedic texts. This ensures that the soothing, calming aromas of our oils are purely natural – the aroma of Nature itself.

And while they believe that the ingredients should be effective and healthy for your skin, they also want to remain thankful to Earth for providing us with such effective, skin-nourishing herbs.

And so, they ensure that, as far as possible, only sustainable parts of the plants are used in oil production. Plus, they also strive to pack their thoughtfully curated oils in recyclable, gift-worthy cylinders and boxes.

* For a clear-looking complexion
* Brighten your face with a healthy glow
* Experience soft, supple, moisturized skin
* Chemical-free

For it is when we become conscious of being an extension of Nature itself, do we begin to be more thoughtful about our actions and habits. Let’s pledge to continue on this path of wellness for ourselves and for Mother Earth.

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