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Ayurveda Try-Me Kit with 6 Premium Oils

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When it comes to skincare products, there are myriads of brands to choose from. And within these brands are lines and collections of products specific to skin types or areas of the body. Some of these brands (luxury and inferior) are excessively priced and/or loaded with harmful ingredients that we want to avoid. The key is to narrow down the selection to first and foremost, a skincare brand that is made from natural, wholesome, organic ingredients that benefit our skin. Enter The Ayurveda Experience!

All of their products are free of chemical additives, parabens, or binders. And they would never even consider testing on innocent animals. They are a trusted company with compassion, integrity, and premium high-grade Ayurveda products. With this assurance, we are free to consciously apply any of their products to our skin. But, which ones! Making a decision couldn’t be easier. The Ayurveda Experience now has the new iYura Try-Me Kit that allows users to experience six of their premium oils.

iYura Try-Me Kit – 6 Premium Trial Size Oils

iYura Try-Me Kit

Here is your chance to try out some of iYura’s best selling opulent oils!

Kesaradi Daily Face Oil – 15 mL. Moisturizing and glow infusing daytime facial oil made with red gold turmeric, rose essential oil, Indian madder, Indian barberry, sacred lotus, sweet flag, and more. Using only 3 drops, dab your face, neck, and decollete every morning. It moisturizes, gives your skin a radiant glow, smooth texture, and a luminous complexion. 

Manjish Glow Elixir Р15 mL. Night-time Glow Giving Facial Massage Oil. This pure power-potion should be used once daily every evening as part of your nightly skincare regime. Cleanse and tone your face as usual with an Ajara Daily Face Care Kit. Take 3-4 drops or more, reflective on your skin needs, of Manjish Glow Elixir in your palm and gently dab across your face, neck, and d̩collet̩. Massage gently with outward & upward strokes until the oil is completely absorbed in the skin.

Ambhring Age Embracing Revitalizer and Hair Oil – 30 mL. This deeply nourishing, fast-absorbing, non-greasy hair oil delivers results after the first use. It works beautifully on thinning, limp hair affected by chemicals, pollution, and dietary indiscretions. Makes your hair healthy, bouncy, and voluminous. 

Rujahari Joint Oil – 30 mL. This alleviating oil contains Saffron, Turmeric as well as five potent herbs that offer users a powerful soothing effect. Collectively, its ingredients contain about 50 influential herbs that are great to tired muscles and joints and even relaxes the nerves.

Rukshadi Dry Scalp and Hair Nectar – 30 mL. Soothe your agitated scalp and smooth frazzled and frayed shafts with 8 Ayurvedic herbs, 2 virgin oils, and 3 lush essential oils. This stimulating oil cleanses and moisturizes all at once, leaving your scalp nourished and your hair soft and shiny.

Vyam Yoga Oil – 30 mL. This warming full-body oil will energize your day and strengthen your workout. It leaves your skin firmer, softer, and ever so glowing. It softens and smooths dry skin, relaxing and soothes exerted muscles and strengthens and calms the mind.

Multifunctional Kit

iYura Try-Me Kit

The iYura Try-Me Kit is so multifunctional and can be taken anywhere. It can be taken to the office, the gym, and on travel trips with you. Or send a kit along with your kids heading off to university or college. Lugging full-size bottles is heavy and not very practical. But the Try-Me kit makes sure you have your favorite oils in a smaller version for convenience and ease. Whether your test driving or enjoying these potent mini oils, this kit will be your go-to travel accessory and an essential must-have.

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