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Ayurveda’s Golden Root ‘Turmeric’

Unveiling: a rarity, an innovative fusion in the field of natural skincare you’ve never come across before!

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In this formulation goes Ayurveda’s Golden Root ‘Turmeric’ and the purifying and glow-imparting abilities it lends to any skincare it’s added to.  

But… what The Ayurveda Experience did with this Turmeric fusion is so unique that it has never been attempted before, EVER!  

Nicumin Brightening & Even-Toning Face Mask

Nicumin Brightening and Even Toning Face Mask - With Black Seed, Turmeric and Licorice Face wash A. Modernica Naturalis

The Nicumin Brightening & Even Toning Face Mask is a smooth, creamy, 15-minute face mask to clarify the look of blemished, clogged, acne and spot-ridden skin and give the triple benefits of even-toning, exfoliating and brightening together.

The blend of the goodness of Turmeric comes together with a brightening and purifying ingredient that has been in use in kitchens worldwide to season curries, breads, rice and even sweet confections!

If you’re thinking ‘Another kitchen ingredient?!’, the answer is YES!

Ayurveda’s Wonder-Seeds come packed with 6 helpful vitamins and minerals that help in clarifying the look of the skin and prove beneficial in many other fields of life: Calcium, Folic Acid or Vitamin B9, Niacin, Vitamin A, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin D.

In Ayurveda, these seeds are known to possess ‘Vatahara’ properties, meaning they can pacify the appearance of Vata-aggravated (dry, dull and combination) skin!

But this time, they come in a new, never-seen-before avatar, made specifically for your facial skin to achieve that all-encompassing brightenedglowing and even-toned looking texture!

Nicumin Brightening and Even Toning Face Mask - With Black Seed, Turmeric and Licorice Face wash A. Modernica Naturalis

But wait, this innovation is even more special:

Because added to this formulation is the world’s second mildest, plant-derived AHA for its superior exfoliation powers, so gentle that even people with sensitive skin can use it with ease.

What happens when you use this latest skin indulgence?

  • You’ll look in the mirror and will see a fervent, unconcealed version of your skin 
  • Post-ritual, you will see an illumined, smooth rendering of your precious skin cleansed of dirt, impurities and anything else that you wouldn’t want on your skin 
  • You will glow from within and wouldn’t stop thanking this Ayurvedic and Modern Science fusion! 

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