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Ayurveda’s ‘Super Fruit’ for Super-Smooth Skin!

Gone are the days when you came home to fatigued, sun-drenched and tired-looking skin that screamed to be taken care of.

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The crown royal of all fruits is here to boost your skin with a glow that still makes an appearance the next morning when you wake up!  

A fruit that’s so juicy and sweet, with a color that symbolizes life and vitality… 

It’s… pomegranate! 

Yes! Just like their vibrant color, pomegranates are revered for their intensive purifying properties that can make your skin flaunt a naturally rosy glow.

Their ruby-like arils hydrate and nourish your skin from deep within for a livelier-looking face in just a matter of minutes

What’s even more interesting is that Ayurveda sees pomegranates as one of the few fruits that enhance ‘Varnya’ or what is considered now as ‘dewy skin’.

  • Flaunt a natural rosy glow because of the deep-cleansing and purifying properties of Pomegranate
  • Firm your skin and free it from the apparent signs of aging
  • Cleanse your deepest pores effectively and remove all debris through an ancient Ayurvedic Lepa in only 10 minutes
  • Brighten your complexion and induce a glow through Ayurveda’s Pomegranate-Mango-Symplocos trio
  • Restore the youthful look of skin aged by constant environmental stressors
  • Deliver a surge of moisture to instantly reveal a porcelain glow
  • Enlive and refresh fatigue skin in the ultimate me-time, after a long stressful day

And today, we bring you the natural, juicy benefits of pomegranate in a unique way (no, it’s not an oil!) that, combined with some other very interesting tropical Ayurvedic ingredients like Mango and Neem, forms a penta-herb formula to not just even-tone the skin, but deep cleanse it and supercharge it too!

Using this penta-herb formula before going to bed will make all the difference in your skincare routine, so you can flaunt a Soothed & Brightened Complexion!

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