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Ayurvedic Oils for your Hand, Nails and Cuticles!

While many of us invest our time, energy and money in our skin, very often we ignore or overlook our hands, nails and cuticles. Just like the skin on our face, arms and legs, our nails need special, targeted attention. Not just our nails, but our whole nails which include the skin around the nails- cuticles, and the body part that exudes the most confidence, your hands.

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Your nails speak a lot about who you are, your personal routines, and what’s going on inside your body! Any deficiency or aggravation will show up in your nails as a tell-tale sign.

But more attention to our nails is often misconstrued in modern times as coats over coats of nail polishes and endless visits to the nail salon to get those gel tips or acrylic nails in place. And while a perfect manicure is seen as the ultimate sign of sophistication with nails that look neater, cleaner, more beautiful and in top shape!! Introducing iYura Sabala Nail, Hand and Cuticle Oil!

Sabala Nail, Hand & Cuticle Oil

Sabala Nail, Hand & Cuticle Oil

Sabala Oil is the world’s first-ever Ayurvedic nail care oil for moisturized, healthy-looking nails and cuticles.

❇Flaunt healthy-looking nails and nail beds, conditioned and moisturized cuticles with an authentic Ayurveda masterpiece for nail care
❇Soften dry and flaky cuticles that are prone to peeling or hangnails, with the moisturizing prowess of Ayurvedic Dashmoola
❇Reduce the appearance of discoloration that makes the skin around the nails look wan and pale, caused due to increased use of sanitizers and nail polish removers
❇Soothe the uncomfortable feeling in your nail bed after going through rigorous artificial processes like UV-curing
❇Experience stronger-looking nails that don’t look like they’d break off, get chipped or bend easily at the slightest touch
❇Enjoy the superior moisturization and brightness of 100% Natural Ayurvedic ingredients rich in Vitamin A, E and calcium
❇Witness younger-looking skin free from the look of persistent wrinkles on your hands and feet with regular usage
❇Bring your dull-looking nails that have faded to a yellow tint back to life with the vigor of rare, exotic and multi-faceted Ayurvedic herbs

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