Baby Alive Potty Dance Doll #HGG

Toddlers instinctive love to cuddle, nurture and take care of their baby dolls. They simply love them. They’ll feed them, rock them, change them, take them for walks in their toys strollers and chatter endlessly to them. The toy aisles are stuffed with all kinds of dolls that have a profusion of features and abilities, but there is one that stands out amongst the brood, it’s the Baby Alive dolls. The Baby Alive Dolls offers realistic baby movements and reactions, plus they encourage interactive play. Little kids will learn first hand what it’s like to take care of a baby whether they are sick, hungry or potting training.

Baby Alive Potty Dance

The Baby Alive Potty Dance doll is a big girl doll and she no longer wears diapers, but big girl pants. She comes with a purple potty, orange sippy cup, undies that match her top, hand soap dispenser, green comb and reward chart with stickers. She speaks over fifty different sounds and phrases in English or Spanish, and she’ll even sing for you. This particular doll comes in two skin tones and three different hair colors. There is a switch at the doll’s back that can be adjusted to off, demo, daddy and mommy. In our home, it’s set to mommy.

To get Baby Alive talking, just press the button on her tummy and she’ll respond with a giggle and ask for help to go potty. Her legs will automatically march quickly and she’ll say ‘hurry!” Press her tummy again and you’ll hear the sound of her going pee pee. When you hold her left hand, and she’ll say ‘watch me dance’ and her little feet will move — so cute. She’ll also sing you the potty dance song, make cute happy noises and thank you for helping her.

When Baby Alive successfully goes to the bathroom, kids can fill in her reward chart with one of the really cute stickers provided. They will also love dressing her in her sweet little outfit, combing her hair, and share a few silly stories. Recommended for ages 3+ and retails for around $50.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.