Back to School Storybook Bundle

Back to School! It’s that wonderful time of year when kids are returning to the routine of classrooms and homework. Kids can have a plethora of emotions from joy and excitement to dread and fear. Or they may be shy or hesitant to show how they really feel. It’s our job to encourage or help our kids morph from the lazy days of summer to getting back into the grind of a steady curriculum.

A great way to break the ice and facilitate a dialogue, especially for younger children, is to have a bunch of back to school storybooks on hand for them to read. These books can help prepare and ease them into the start of a brand new school year. Here are a few cute ‘back to school’ inspired books that kids will resonate with.

Fairy’s First Day of School

Fairy’s First Day of School is about a sweet but nervous little fairy’s first day of school. She’s not sure what to expect or if she’ll make friends. Fairy school has a lot of similarities to a human school, but with a fairy world influence.

In this story, fairy kids get to school on a school bird or they use their wings to fly there. When they arrive at school, their cheerful teacher greets them with a sprinkle of fairy dust. They hang their backpacks on the leaves of flowers and let their wings spread out after being tucked in. It feels a little awkward to make friends at first because all the fairy kids are strangers. All this shy little fairy can do is just smile.

Some of their classes include the art center, tooth center, and the spells center, and the little fairies had lots of fun in each class. They learned basic school rules like not talking in class, or talking too loud and to clean up your mess. Anyway, the little fairy made lots of friends and really enjoy her first day of school.

This magical book will help settle nervous children about their first day of school too. It’s also one of the prettiest books we’ve read with all the whimsical and colorful fairy school illustrations. They’re so adorable and enchanting and the kids really love this book.

Monster School

Yes, even monsters have to go to school, it’s called Monster School – obviously! This spooky little book has a Halloween vibe with cute but ghoulish little monsters that are ready for another year of school. It’s bursting with gruesomely beautiful and vivid illustrations that are a little scary but cool. Written in rollicking rhyme poems, kids will enjoy the fun upbeat rhythm of the book.

The kids in Monster School may be different than human kids, but they also have a lot in common. Weird stuff happens all the time, but that’s normal for them. These little monsters have unique personalities, some are shy, some joke a lot, some love to read and some are a little mean – just like human kids.

These little monsters play Graveyard Ball, enjoy their cafeteria food like french-fried brains and cookies made from glue, and have to do homework. In their classes, they learn science, personal care, and how to take care of their pets. They play games, skateboard, and have their own Computer Wizard – who just happens to look similar to Harry. Uh oh, the death bell rang, that means all little goblins and zombies have to get to class.

The Truth About My Unbelievable School

The Truth About My Unbelievable School is about a student named Harry showing a new classmate around the school. He doesn’t think there is much to see, but he shows her some pretty remarkable things. A giant pet jellyfish, an art teacher that has two eyes on one side, a math teacher who doesn’t understand the equation, an octopus in the science room, taking the pneumatic tube as a shortcut, a treehouse filled with homes, a sea creature who teaches swimming, the library is a labyrinth and whole bunch more of outrageous surprises. Wow, what a fantastic school, but you won’t believe the ending. Just when you think it couldn’t get any weirder.

The Truth About My Unbelievable School is filled with bold and curious illustrations that describe the scenes perfectly. It kinda shares how kids can see things differently. What may appear to be abnormal and fantastical to one student, is typical to other students.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.