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It’s August already and that means preparing for another scholastic year. This harsh reality can evoke a plethora of reactions from enthusiasm to apathetic from your kids. Sleeping in, bike rides, playing in the pool, bathing suits, and freezing pops for lunch are coming to an end. However, getting the kids involved in picking out their own school supplies usually makes the transition far more enjoyable. Regardless of what grade you are entering, a backpack is an academic must have and Beside-U has a stunning selection. They also carry the trendiest handbags that girls just gotta have for work, school and socializing!

Amarillo Backpack

Amarillo Backpack

The Amarillo Backpack is one of the new kids on the Beside-U block. On the first inspection, it’s lightweight, adjustable and has plenty of pocket, pouches and zippered compartments for students to fill up to capacity. Its fabric is waterproof, you can lock the main compartment and it comes with a security whistle. It has everything a student needs in a reliable and fully functional backpack. It’s a good size too, measuring 28cm L * 37cm H * 15cm D.

Looking at the front of the backpack, you’ll see two exterior zippered compartments. Each of these has a smaller zippered pocket on the front. On the inside of the larger zippered compartment, there is an extra pouch and two pen holders. On each side of the backpack, there are water bottle pockets. You can also put a small umbrella or sunglasses in these pouches. They have an elasticized band across the top to keep your bottle securely in place. The back of the Amarillo has a grip handle, adjustable straps and a large zippered compartment that is as deep as the backpack. Just want to also mention that the straps are padded so they won’t dig into your shoulders.

The interior is huge and the center area has volumes of room for textbooks and notebooks. On one side of the interior, you have a sleeve for a 13″ laptop. On the other side, you have two pockets for your cell phone or other smaller devices, and importantly, you also have an RFID pocket. It’s designed to help insulate you from electronic pickpocketing, called RFID skimming. You may think this type of theft is rare, but in the last year, two friends have had their credit card information stolen this way. It’s real and unless you have RFID protection like all of Beside-U products offer, you could potentially be a target. If you have to buy a backpack anyway, why not invest in one that will protect your children and allow them to feel safe and confident.

Versatile, Functional & Stylish Handbags

Some students might take their backpacks everywhere they go and they’re content. But for those gals who want to unload the books and bulky bags, having a smaller, but trendy Beside-U handbag to transition to is important. They have a huge selection of handbags from large messenger bags to dainty clutches. But students want something that is compact, lightweight and versatile. For the girls in my family, it’s their new Victoria handbag, we love it! It’s lightweight, the perfect size and has an RFID pocket.

Victoria Handbag

Victoria handbag

The Victoria handbag is my favorite; I love everything about it. It’s attractive, has lots of pockets, and the material is water-resistant. The front of the handbag has a flap with a zippered compartment. To me, it’s extra security having a flap. The zipper area on the flap is handy and great for keys and quick-reach items. The back of the handbag has a zippered compartment that is deep, roomy and ready to handle your inventory.

When you unsnap the flap, two zippered compartments are revealed. The very front and smaller one is deep and has lots of secure space for your personal items and accessories. The main zippered compartment is where all the action happens. Here you have the RFID pocket which is spacious enough to put your whole wallet in, not just your credit cards. There are also two pouches for your iPhone and other electronics. The main compartment has plenty of room for a girl’s needs.

The straps are adjustable and can be worn over the shoulders or across the body.  It comes with a detachable security whistle and you are able to lock the main compartment in this handbag. It measures 25.4cmL*15.7cmH*4.5cmD and comes in three different colors, Black, Joyful Gray and Mood Blue.

Kassie Handbag

Kassie Handbag

The Kassie is a smaller handbag (23cm L * 17cm H * 6.5cm D) that’s ideal for students on the go. It’s simple, neat, lightweight, trendy and they say it provides two security features, but I say four. These security attributes include the detachable security whistle, the RFID pocket, crossbody straps, and the ability to lock your main compartment.

The fabric, like the other Beside-U products, is water-repellant. The front of this handbag has a lovely ribbed texture and a roomy zippered compartment with an attractive zipper pull. The back of the handbag has a zippered compartment that’s the same size as the front one.

The interior compartment has lots of wiggle room along with two pouches and the RFID pocket. All the handbags have a pretty interior striped fabric in various colors that match the exterior. The straps can be adjusted to drape over your shoulder or hang a crossbody. I prefer a crossbody because there is no chance your handbag can fall off or be taken off you. The Kassie is great for tweens, teens, and college students and is available in five stylish colors, Black, Cool Blue, Marine Blue, Viola Purple, and Zinc Grey.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.