Back to School with WillLand Outdoors Backpacks

Getting back into the groove of school takes a little transition, coaxing, and some thoughtful prep work. Necessities include trendy hair cuts, brand clothing of course, and lots of school supplies for the new semester. Depending on what year your child is in, they can be hauling a heavy load of books back and forth to school. And don’t forget their laptop and other essentials needed to get through a school day. That’s an enormous amount of weight on their bodies that could cause discomfort and back injury. Here’s where a good backpack can relieve some of the burden.

Your backpack is your constant companion during your academic years, so you want to choose wisely. A lot of backpacks are flimsy and cannot withstand the abuse we put them through. They might make it through one school year without tearing. So, in searching for a quality backpack, I came across WillLand Outdoors. They’re a Canadian company that believes in the combination of quality, durability, and social responsibility. What really impressed me was they have a lifetime warranty on all their products—not very many companies stand four-square behind their products.

WillLand Outdoors carries a variety of backpacks that will allow you to traverse through the hoods and the woods. They have a nice balance between comfort, style and needs to suit everyone whether a child or an adult. For those who just don’t dig backpacks, they also carry messenger and duffle bags. But, personally, I prefer backpacks; they hold everything you need and leave both hands free at the same time. Here are a few high-end backpacks that would be ideal for school.

College Luminosa Forte Backpack

If you’re carrying a lot of books and a laptop, then the 40L College Luminosa Forte is going to uncomplicate your life with its storage space capacity and versatility. It has two main zipper compartments, one multifunctional organizer pocket, plus another pocket to stuff all your must-haves. Its dimensions are 48x32x25 cm.

genuine leather zipper puller
durable PU leather bottom reinforcement
multi-functional organizer pockets
built-in laptop pouch
dual internal hidden water bottle pockets
100% Canadian design
♥ WillLand Outdoors Lifetime Warranty

The back compartment has a built-in laptop pouch, dual internal hidden water bottle pockets, and enormous space for books. My 15-inch laptop fits nicely in the pouch and is cushioned with the thick padding. Knowing my family, I’m not sure I would put the water bottles near my laptop. This backpack is not waterproof so it’s something to keep in mind. I like the idea of two water bottle pockets, but wished they were in the center compartment.

The other main compartment has a little less space, but still plenty of space for books and other school supplies. The front compartment is smaller, multifunctional, and adaptable. Here you have slots, pouches, and pockets for smaller items like pens, school id, money, keys, itinerary, tissues, notes, etc. Lastly is the front pouch. Even though it’s the smallest compartment, it still offers room for quick reach items like your phone, snacks, medication, and so forth.

The backpack is made from a durable polyester material that can stand the test of time. The bottom is reinforced with PU leather and the zipper pulls are made from genuine leather. The two main compartments have dual zippers that glide smoothly to each side. The back panel is cushioned for extra soft comfort against your back. The shoulder straps are padded and made with the durable polyester facing in and PU leather facing out, and you can adjust them to get that perfect fit. Plus, there’s a large loop handle for a quick grab and go.

One of my nephews is off to college so we loaded the College Luminosa Forte Backpack with books he would need for one day of class. It weighed in at 28 lbs! Wow, that is a lot of weight if you were carrying by hand. But using this backpack made the weight load comfortable and distributed it evenly. He didn’t feel any strain on his shoulders for his back, so he was very happy.

Premium Backpack

The Premium backpack is quite handsome and has kind of a travel vibe. It reminds me a lot of a backpack I took to Europe years ago. Who said you can’t have fashion and function tossed with reliability in a backpack? The Premium offers more support than most other store shelf backpacks and is streamline designed to get you organized and on your way quickly. It’s lightweight, has two compartments and two water pockets. Dimensions: 49x31x18 cm.

Hip belt
♥ Sternum strap
built-in laptop pouch
♥ made from rip-stop nylon
100% Canadian design
 WillLand Outdoors Lifetime Warranty

I really like how deep all their backpacks are; you can really get a lot of gear inside. The larger zipper compartment in the Premium backpack has a built-in laptop pouch, a small mesh pouch, and plenty of room for your books. The smaller zipper compartment is more simplified than the Luminosa Forte, but still has ample room for your tablet, maps, lunch, and other quick reach items. It includes one large pouch and a few smaller ones for a pen, earbuds, charger, keys, and stuff like that.

The outside of the backpack is embossed with the WillLand Outdoor logo and made from a cool checkered pattern rip-stop nylon. Ripstop fabrics use a strengthening technique that makes them resistant to being ripped or torn. So, the Premium backpack will tolerate all the rough handling it inevitably will be put through.

On the sides of the backpack are two water bottle pouches made from a flexible material that will stretch to give you some wiggle room and prevent your bottles from slipping out. On the very back are two cushioned ergonomic type panels that offer comfort and back support. The shoulder pads are also enhanced with thick padding for comfort and to give you relief from heavy loads. This backpack also offers a hip and sternum strap for additional back support. They’re easy to adjust and make life so much more comfortable. This backpack has everything serious students could want and need to get them through their scholastic endeavors during the week, and outdoor activities during the weekend. The Premium retails for $68. That’s a bargain considering all the extra’s you get with this backpack.

I love this backpack; it’s by far the most comfortable one I’ve worn. I wish I had this one when I was traveling through Europe, it would have made a difference. The hip and sternum straps are key; they help distribute the load evenly, taking the brunt of the weight off your back. The Premium retails for $68. That’s a bargain considering all the extra’s you get with this backpack.

Sleeve Classica Laptop Sleeve

With the exorbitant prices of laptops, it’s imperative that we protect them with a durable sleeve. The WillLand Outdoors laptop sleeve is made with ultra-premium padding so it’s perfect for keeping your laptop buffered from any kind of damage. I love its appearance; it has a lovely slim profile that everyone is looking for. No one wants bulky sleeves or bags anymore, so companies and people alike are embracing streamline products. It comes in two sizes; 13 inches and 15 inches, and are available in three dual colored options.

designed for 13.3″/15.4″ laptops
WillLand Genuine Si attachment
premium padded laptop sleeve
durable fabric bottom reinforcement
100% Canadian design
WillLand Outdoors Lifetime Warranty

My 15-inch laptop slid smoothly inside the sleeve space with just enough room to maneuver comfortably. The inside of the sleeve has a lush, soft velour fabric that will keep your laptop safe from scratches. Behind it is a fairly thick layer of foam that will adequately withstand some abuse. The outside of the sleeve is made from durable polyester and has a reinforced bottom. It includes two sturdy zippers that slide open down the sides and close in the center.

Quite often I’ll take my laptop with me if we’re traveling by car. I usually slip it inside an oversized handbag which is not optimal. This sleeve is compact, featherweight, and offers the ultimate in protection. You can purchase these laptop sleeves online for $28. Great price.

If you haven’t bought your backpack yet, or want a higher quality one, then swing by WillLand Outdoors and check out all their options. There’s something for everyone.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.