BayB Brand Bean Bag Chair

I have oodles of nieces and nephews and there seems to always be a baby due any day. Recently on September 1st my niece Scarlett gave birth to a darling little girl named Jetta Raine. Jetta is her fourth child so she’s on top of things and well organized. Unfortunately, she had given away a lot of her baby items. She wasn’t planning on having another baby so what baby products she still has are clearly very well-worn.

Scarlett was using a rocker with her previous children and was considering getting another just prior to her due date. I showed her the BayB Brand Bean Bag chair and she was immediately intrigued and mesmerized by it.

This cute little bean bag chair has lots of character and attributes. First, we loved how incredibly lightweight it is compared to the heavy clunky rockers. The BayB Brand chair is virtually weightless making it ergo-friendly and very portable.

The outside shell is removable and made from two different fabrics, one feels like a durable canvas and the other is a very soft and fuzzy fabric that’s nice and cozy for baby. The outer shell zips off easily and is machine washable, a complete must because accidents and messes happen. It’s very easy to keep clean should any spills happen. The top of the chair has a sturdy seat harness just like other infant seats so your baby is securely in place. With this top piece with the harness removed, the bean bag chair turns into a toddler seat. I think this is fabulous and practical and can imagine all the years of use you can get out of this chair.

The inside shell has a soft casing full of tiny beans that keep the bean bag chair airy and moldable. Little Jetta snuggled nicely on the bean bag chair and it formed to her shape quickly.

This bean bag chair helps to prevent the development of a flat head and relieves acid reflux and gas. Flathead syndrome also known as Plagiocephaly is a condition that causes a baby’s head to have a flat spot or be misshaped due to pressure on that area from laying on their back. The little beans in the chair can be molded into a supportive and comfortable position for your baby’s head. The same holds for acid reflux, reshape the chair and baby can sit up a little higher to prevent this painful condition.

Scarlett really loves this bean bag chair and it’s one of her favorites. She likes being able to take baby Jetta and the chair with her as she moves about the house. Baby sleeps soundly on it and she looks simply adorable in it. It’s proven to be stable and reliable, no tipping or flipping over. It’s perfect for bottle feeding your baby and great overall for baby to be in a sitting position and see what’s going on with the family. We would definitely recommend this to all parents or grandparents. This would make a wonderful Christmas gift idea!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.