Become An Earth Angel

Throughout our lifetimes, we’ve heard about and maybe even met people who’ve shown outstanding love and compassion for people, animals, the earth and life in general. They forgo their own wants for those of others. A few names come to mind, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Florence Nightingale, Eleanor Roosevelt, Oprah Winfrey, and many more whom we may not know even exist. The impact they’ve made in the world has a tangible and lasting effect. They are in essence Earth Angels.

Have you ever felt that you want to do more to help out the earth or mankind? I recently found a book that will guide those who are looking for this experience, Become An Earth Angel: Advice and Wisdom For Finding Your Wings and Living in Service.

If you’re looking for celestial wisdom and awakening, then this book is for you. It provides the how-to for those who are spirit based and seeking guidance. The goal of this book is to help you journey through the different energies of the universe and navigate your own spiritual quest with the aid of Earth Angels.

You’ll learn about the different Earth Angels and what they do, the various angelic realms, how we are now living in the fifth dimension, and ultimately how we can live a greater purpose and attain our wings. This little book is uplifting, enlightening and shares loving messages. Enjoy your journey!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.