Becoming the Hero of Your Journey CD Course

Becoming the Hero of Your Journey! Would you like to? How many of you are living your dream life? Do you live your waking hours trying to meet other people’s expectations and doing what society says you should do? Do you take safe and non-confrontational steps just to feel secure and avoid friction with family and friends? Life is supposed to be good, right, yet you feel deflated, and there is a huge void in your soul. You don’t feel deeply connected with people you dearly love and hardly ever feel passionate or excited about where your life has taken you. Do you feel like you’re in a rut doing the same old actions every day?

So how do we get out of these depressing quagmires and lead a fulfilling life? By becoming the hero of your journey! If you’ve felt the call to make changes in your life, then this 25-day series of mini yet mighty adventures may be what you are looking for.

Becoming the Hero of Your Journey

Becoming the Hero of your Journey

J.P Sears is a motivational speaker, conscious comedian, coach, speaker, and emotional healer. The Becoming The Hero of Your Journey is a 25-Day Audio Course that will encourage and empower you to live a more meaningful life. A life with enthusiasm, happiness, and fulfillment. But in order to do this, we have to have a sense of purpose and put our life in perspective.

Becoming the Hero of Your Journey comes with six CDs and three sections, The Journey, Integration & Initiation and The Return. Each of these three sections approaches a different aspect of our personal odyssey. They’re broken down into twenty-three specific life-enhancing adventures, practical exercises and meditations that although they are fun and splashed with stress-releasing humor, require work and introspection. Secret code: levity.

Becoming the Hero of Your Journey will push us to embrace one of the biggest shifts we will need to make in our lives. It will help us discover our authentic self and our purpose for being here. It will also challenge us to release things that do not serve us anymore and letting go of who we are not. These are all necessary for personal growth and becoming your own hero.

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