Bedtime Stories for Children

In a child’s life, the conclusion of every day is a bedtime story. They can leave behind their busy day and settle into worlds of fairy tales and discovery. Reading storybooks with your children is an essential element to their success. They learn to love words, make sentences, expand their vocabulary, heighten their imagination and creativity, and absorb the lessons and morals each story teaches. It’s also the perfect opportunity for bonding.

We love to read in our home and have a small library of books for kids of all ages. We are always expanding and have recently added a few more titles that I’d like to share.

D is for Dress-Up, the ABC’s of What to Wear

Kids love to dress up and pretend they are someone else. It’s fun and liberating! They get to don different clothing, select some props, and act out a role whether a doctor, a farmer, a manicurist, or even a cat. Their imaginations kick into high gear, and they begin to tell their story. D is for Dress-up shares an alphabet of different clothing, accessories, and prints that anyone could choose to wear. The pictures are attractive and engaging with each letter of the alphabet focusing on one item like A – Apron. They also learn new words and concepts like E – Ensemble or F – Fabric. The kids will instinctively volunteer other pieces of clothing that started with the same letter. They express what things they liked and disliked, and understand that it’s okay to have different styles and tastes.

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? Boy does that bring back a lot of memories! We’ve all been there, right? This charming book is about a little boy’s trip to his grandparent’s house. Even before he and his mom left their neighborhood, he’s already asking if they’re there yet. He was anticipating a boring drive, but along the way, he lets his imagination run rampant as he envisions different terrain and scenarios. He saw a helicopter, a blimp, a paper airplane with a worm as a pilot, a desert with a T-Rex hiding behind a dirt mound, an underwater road where he saw ocean life, and was even in outer space where he encountered a spaceship with aliens. Wow, what a trip! The pictures are vivid and have lots of details for kids to notice and ponder.

Flora and the Peacocks

Flora and the Peacocks is a picture book about a little girl’s encounter with two peacocks. Although there are no words, the images speak volumes. You can easily discern the storyline by Flora’s countenance and body posture. Throughout the book, there’s a consistent blue, green, and gold color theme of the peacocks. Many of the pages have colorful fold-out pieces that show another image. For example, Flora is holding a fan that’s concealing her face, but if you fold the fan down, you will see what she looks like. It’s a pretty book that shares the frustration Flora has trying to work and dance with the two proud birds.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.