Bellossoms Story Books

When my daughter was really little she used to really enjoy a bedtime story or two every evening. She had a vivid imagination and use to visualize the events happening as the story unfolded. I love it when a child gets totally absorbed in a story, their reaction and emotions are so genuine. Some things never change and today I have oodles of little nieces and nephews who also love bedtime stories read to them. We have read the same stories over and over for a very long time so it was really refreshing to receive a couple of new storybooks.

Bellossoms is a set of whimsical stories about cute little flower-fairy creatures that are quite adventurous. Book One is entitled: Arctic Adventure and it’s about the Bellossoms very first brave and daring venture.

The Bellossoms flutter, fly and soar across many new and exciting places. They cross mountains and the ocean until they find a delightful world of snowy fun. They have fun playing in the snow and meet a Polar Bear and a Walrus.

The second book is entitled: Rain or Shine. The darling little Bellossoms get caught in a thunderstorm so they seek cover in a hole where a bunny rabbit is sleeping and they snuggle in for the evening. The next day they take a ride on the back of the bunny through a cornfield where they are snatched up by crows. Oh no! Thankfully the crows see some delicious apples and release the Bellossoms. You’ll never guess where they fall and who they meet.

They meet new friends, fly with butterflies and play with ponies. Back at the Bellossoms tree though something has happened, something they didn’t anticipate and it’s not good. Oh dear!

The kids and I really enjoyed these two quaint and charming storybooks. How exciting to go on new adventures with the Bellossoms. The stories are well written and captivating to read; the words flow wonderfully with the beautiful illustrations. The girls noticed every little detail of the different Bellossoms. They only wished they had separate names so they named the four fairies themselves. Why not, it’s their moment in the story. The books are a wonderful addition to our children’s library. What wonderful gifts these books would make!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.