Benefits of Ginger Oil

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, offering a variety of uses from dietary to cosmetic to spiritual to emotional to physical wellness. As I learn more about various essential oils, I’m staggered at the health advantages they offer. I recently bought some Ginger Oil for digestion, but this essential oil offers so much more.


The greatest benefits of ginger come from its anti-inflammatory properties and compounds like zingiberene and gingerol. I’ll share more on this below. But, before you use any essential, make sure it’s certified organic and therapeutic grade. Do your research and choose a reliable company. Here are seven benefits of using Ginger Oil on a daily basis.


Upset Tummies & Digestion

Ginger oil is a natural remedy for nausea, motion sickness, stomach cramps, colic, ingestion, candida, fungal issues and diarrhea. But the number one benefit of ginger oil is digestion and digestive conditions like IBS, Crohn’s disease and Leaky Gut syndrome. Have a cup of tea with a drop or two of ginger oil in the morning can offer profound benefits with these issues.


Most diseases are inflammatory by nature, so when our immune system is out of balance, it can start attacking our healthy tissue which can cause inflammation, bloating, swelling, pain and discomfort. Ginger oil is great for fighting all these conditions because of its anti-inflammatory properties like Zingibain. This component will also provide pain relief for migraines, arthritis, and muscle aches.

Respiratory Issues

Ginger essential oil is great at removing mucus from the throat and lungs. It’s an expectorant and lubricant so it can help you treat the common cold, flu, asthma, bronchitis and help with loss of breath.


Ginger comes from the same family as Turmeric which is very well known to have powerful anti-cancer properties. Ginger oil and the compound Zingiberene are part of a family called sesquiterpenes, that have immense anti-cancer properties.

Heals Infections

Ginger oil is an antiseptic that can destroy infections caused by bacteria and microorganisms. It’s also effective against mosquitoes borne diseases like malaria.


There are a lot of people who are not absorbing the nutritional value of the foods they are eating. Adding a little ginger oil in your diet will help you absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy.


Ginger oil compounds can help balance out insulin levels; we’re talking blood sugar balancing. A balanced insulin level is vital for hormones, energy levels and fighting diabetes.

Their enormous benefits can be accessed via aromatic diffusion, topical application, and dietary consumption. To use ginger oil topically, mix 5 drops with a ¼ tsp of a carrier oil like coconut oil, jojoba or organic cold pressed olive oil. If you’re ingesting the ginger oil, typically one drop is enough. You can add it to your smoothie, tea, or in a recipe.

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