Benefits of Meditation

Did you know that stress accounts for 60% of most doctor visits? You may find yourself leaving their office with a prescription for an antidepressant or anti-anxiety drug. These drugs have nasty side effects so finding a way to cope with stress is imperative. Enter meditation! Meditation is free and it’s very effective for releasing stress and pent-up negative energy. The benefits of meditation are that it has a positive effect on our mind, body, and spirit collectively so it’s something worth investigating.

woman sitting by a lake meditating

Here is a list of the benefits of meditation:

♥Lower blood pressure
♥Better sleep
♥Less anxiety
♥Faster healing
♥Decreased use of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes
♥Lower cholesterol
♥Stronger immune response
♥Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate.
♥Decreases the aging process.
♥Normalizes to your ideal weight
♥Harmonizes our endocrine system
♥Higher skin resistance
♥Anxiety decreases
♥Emotional stability improves
♥Creativity increases
♥Builds self-confidence
♥Increases serotonin level, influences mood and behavior
♥Improved relationships
♥Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation
♥Mind ages at slower rate
♥Helps control own thoughts
♥Helps with focus & concentration
♥Increase creativity
♥Easier to remove bad habits
♥Develops intuition
♥Develop will power
♥Purifies your character
♥Decrease in potential mental illness
♥Helps in quitting smoking, alcohol addiction
♥Grows a stable, more balanced personality
♥Greater communication between the two brain hemispheres
♥Recognizing yourself as one with the universe
♥Sense of calm, peace, joy and vastness
♥Helps keep things in perspective
♥Helps you discover your purpose
♥Increased self-actualization
♥Increased compassion
♥Deeper understanding of yourself and others
♥Brings body, mind, spirit in harmony
♥Deeper Level of spiritual relaxation
♥Helps living in the present moment
♥Creates a widening, deepening capacity for love
♥Experience a sense of “Oneness”
♥Increases the synchronicity in your life
♥Growing wisdom

The beauty of meditation is that it can be practiced anywhere, at any time. It’s not necessary to have any props. You can sit on the grass and tap into a frequency; there’s Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Alpha and Theta are the frequencies we want to linger in to rejuvenate and restore. Namaste! Ohm!

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