Beside-U Handbags

Fashion accessories are popular items to give as gifts during the holiday season. Handbags fit into this genre and there are copious styles in stores and online. But, if you are looking for trendy, stylish and practical handbags, then Beside-U is the place to peruse. They carry a wide selection of designs, styles, and colors to choose from and they are always adding new fashions to their collection. And, they have something for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

RFID label

One major reason why I love Beside-u handbags is that they offer RFID-blocking protection and other security features. Although other brands are catching up with this option, Beside-u was a leader in making RFID available in their handbags.

Another important quality I like is that all Beside-u handbags are lightweight. Whether your a mom, student or corporate CEO, we all tend to fill our handbags to capacity. The extra weight can strain our shoulders, neck, and back, especially if your purse is also heavy. This is a huge factor not just for myself, but for a lot of people when considering buying a bag. The almost weightless material of Beside-u handbags is a big selling feature. Did I mention that the fabric used to construct these gorgeous handbags repels water? With these attributes in mind, check out some of their new handbags.

Maple Handbag

Beside U Maple Handbag front

The Beside-u Maple Handbag is functional medium-sized but loaded with multiple compartments, pouches, and pockets for carrying life’s necessities. The front of the Maple has three convenient zippered compartments, each getting bigger and roomier the higher you go. The top compartment also has a small, but deep pouch, ideal for smaller cell phones. All of the compartments have a matching patterned fabric interior.

The main compartment is quite roomy and includes two pouches and a large RFID zippered pocket. It also features a security clip and detachable security whistle. The back of the Maple has a large zippered compartment for those quick-reach items. The straps are adjustable to any desired length. The Maple measures 11.0 L x 14.4 H x 4.7 D inches and comes in three appealing colors.

Sugar Handbag

The Beside-u Sugar Handbag is a larger versatile purse for those who need the extra carrying space. Great for businesswomen, moms or students. The front of the bag has 3 zippered compartments. The first two are quite unique. The zippers open down and you have a full compartment that spans across to the other side. One compartment is on top of the other so you have double storage space. This would be ideal for maps, tickets, or if you’re crafter like me, crochet hooks. The 3rd compartment is very roomy with a small pouch.

Beside U Sugar Handbag front

Both sides of the Sugar Handbag have a pouch. These can be used for water bottles, sunglasses or snacks. The interior compartment is massive. You can haul a lot of essentials, including a small laptop if needed in the main area. On one side you have one large pouch and on the other side, you have two small pouches and a large RFID zippered compartment. All the compartments and pouches have the same attractive interior fabric.

There is also a ribbon string with a clasp to hook your keys on for an easy find. I cannot count how many times I’ve almost dumped my purse out looking for my keys, so this feature is handy. It also features the same security clip and detachable security whistle.

Beside U Sugar Handbag back

The back of the Sugar Handbag also has a large zippered compartment for quick access items. The bag has top handles for those who prefer to carry it as a standard bag, but it also comes with adjustable straps that can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. It measures 11.8 L x 10.6 H x 3.9 D inches and is available in black or rich blue.

Lima Backpack

beside u Lima backpack in white marble

The Beside-u nylon Lima Backpack has a gorgeous exterior that looks like Italian marble. It’s sleek, stylish and features the Beside-u signature on the base and straps. The Lima has two zipper compartments, one on the side and the other is on the back. The side compartment is smaller and great for keys. The back compartment is quite large and has two pouches. The straps are adjustable and the backpack fits crossbody.

Although the description says it has RFID protection, that does not seem to be the case. There is no RFID zippered compartment in this backpack. The Lima is lightweight and measures 7.5 L x 16.5 H x 6.7 D inches. Great for students, cyclers, and hikers. It’s available in black or white marble.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.