Beside-U RFID Handbags

I don’t think too many of us have to be reminded that Mother’s Day is near. The stores are getting inundated with those classic Mother’s Day gifts most of us buy. But, those items are getting very mundane and unremarkable — same old, same old! Although these gifts are lovely, they’ve become a purchasing habit and lack any personal touch, thought or insight. So this year, let’s surprise our moms with a gift that will lift her spirit and warm her heart. For my mom and many other women, it’s a Beside-U handbag.

Beside-U carries a fantastic selection of handbags, backpacks, laptops bags and more for all ages and lifestyles. They recently released a big stash of gorgeous, new handbags in fresh styles and several delicious colors. They’d be perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays or any occasion. Whether your mom likes a compact clutch bag or a large satchel, Beside-U has it all!

Although I’m more of a black purse person, I was smitten by all the cool and bright colors the new purses come in. My mom, on the other hand, loves handbags of all colors. She also loves pockets and zipper compartments, so I knew she would love the Chaska handbag in Proud Orange.

Chaska Handbag

The Chaska is the perfect midsize handbag that comes with a lot of great features. It has a main locking compartment, a detachable security whistle, it’s water-repellent, and importantly has an RFID pocket.

We can be targets for electronic pickpocketing no matter where we go, so protection is vital. Card-skimming thieves can read information from RFID-enabled credit cards carried in our pockets and purses, and make several fraudulent purchases without our knowledge until a hefty credit card bill arrives. This is why I really like Beside U handbags, they offer RFID protection so we can have peace of mind. And their RFID pockets are even bigger now.

The Chaska has four zippered compartments and they are all really roomy. Its dimensions are 29cm L * 21cm H * 10cm D. Working from front to back, the front of the handbag has the smaller zippered compartment but there is ample room for quick-reach items. Also in front of the handbag is the security whistle that can be removed quickly if needed.

The next compartment has 2 fairly large pouches that are ideal for cell phone and notebook use. Cell phones are being made bigger these days and Beside-U has taken this into consideration when designing new handbags. My old handbag has a small pock for a cell phone so I can’t use it. So, yes, even handbags can get outdated by the rapid growth in technology. There is also a large area for any personal items like your wallet, planner, notebook, etc.

The third zippered compartment is the biggest and has a locking feature. My mom was able to get in Tablet in this space and still have room for her charger and other items. You could also carry your books, a makeup bag, kleenex, compact, keys – whatever works for you – there’s so much room.

Although the back of the Chaska looks like there is no back pocket, there is, it’s deep and has a zipper opening up along the top of the handbag. This is where the RFID zippered pocket resides. It’s big enough for you to slip your whole wallet in quite comfortably. And there is lots of space for more personal items in the rest of this compartment.

The Chaska handbag is made with water-repellent fabric, has a pretty fabric liner and has an adjustable shoulder strap that is long enough that you can wear it crossbody. It comes in five great colors, black, heroic red, seashore blue, proud orange (shown) and misty gray. My mom absolutely loves this handbag because it’s so versatile and super lightweight.

Buena Handbag

The Buena handbag is one bag that every single female in my family wants. In fact, when it arrived, a few family members, including my daughter, were begging me for it. But, I equally love it, so I’m keeping it for myself. I love the colors and the innovative style of the Buena; it’s just so perfect for my needs.

The Buena is another lightweight mid-size handbag – 24cm L * 21.5cm H * 5cm D – that has five zippered compartments, so you can carry all your essentials plus more. Starting at the front, there is a smaller zippered compartment that could be used for items you need more often like keys, kleenex, lip balm, bus pass and so forth.

The next compartment is quite a bit bigger and deeper. I have a hairbrush, lotion, hand wipes, and sunglasses in the area and everything fits well. The third compartment is a little deeper yet and includes one large pouch. I’m not sure if this is the designated cell phone area, but it seems too big. My phone rests in there, but it’s not secure. If my phone falls to one side, the phone slides to that side as well. I would have preferred if there were two pouches instead. If you’re traveling, you could put maps or boarding passes in the pouch.

The main compartment is next and it includes the RFID zippered compartment and the security lock feature. It offers a large area that can hold quite a lot of big items like electronics or books. I keep my wallet and other items I want secure in this compartment. Finally, the back zippered area is great for coupons, receipts, keys, pen, notepad, snacks, hair ties, hand wipes, gum or maybe a small change purse.

The Buena has the same waterproofing, patterned lining, security whistle, and adjustable shoulder strap. I like to wear my purses crossbody for security reasons. I had a friend who several years ago, was doing the tourist thing in Banff and had her purse stolen off her shoulder. That was eye-opening to me and I’ve since worn my handbags across my shoulders.

My mom and I love Beside-U handbags. They’re great for whatever everyday life throws your way. They’re well made, have durable zippers, wash easy, can hold a lot and are fashion-forward.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate this post. All opinions are mine, yours may differ.