Best Travel Guides for 2020

Although summer is the favorite time of year when many of us enjoy a vacation, lots of people travel when the spirit strikes them. I personally prefer to travel in the autumn when family vacations are over and the kids are back in school. Aside from fewer crowds, the travel rates are cheaper and you always get better souvenir deals. We also have to factor in the weather because it can be unpredictable during certain times of the year.

But when it comes down to planning a getaway, the majority of people are open to finding new destinations to explore that span the globe. Places where they can bask in the warmth of the sun, mingle with and enjoy the din of the crowds and the freedom to acquaint themselves with the history and ambience of their new vacation location. Here is where travel guides are beneficial. They can be your introducer, insider, and adviser to the hottest places to travel in 2020. I love Lonely Planet travel guides; they educate, inspire and help us see the world from a fresh perspective.

Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2020

global travel for 2020

The Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2020 will share their view on the best trends, destinations, journeys, and experiences for the coming year. This includes the top ten countries, the top ten regions, the top ten cities, and the top ten best value vacations. But, they don’t stop there. They also have a section called ‘The Travel Edit’ that shares the best new places, new foods, new openings and much more. Their ‘Travel Well’ chapter encourages conscious travel. So get those wayfarers on and come along for the ride.

Top 10 Countries
1. Bhutan
2. England
3. North Macedonia
4. Aruba
5. eSwatini
6. Costa Rica
7. The Netherlands
8. Liberia
9. Morocco
10. Uruguay

Top 10 Regions
1. Central Asian Silk Road
2. Le Marche, Italy
3. Tohoku, Japan
4. Maine, USA
5. Lord Howe Island, Australia
6. Guizhou Province, China
7. Cadiz Province, Spain
8. Northeast Argentina
9. Kvarner Gulf, Croatia
10. Brazilian Amazon

As I surveyed the lists of the top ten countries and regions, a few locations grabbed my attention. I’m eager to explore more of Italy and experience the Netherlands like never before. But, after perusing the guide, I felt a spark, an interest in locations I might never have considered. Each place or region shares breathtaking photos and pertinent information like places to experience, time to visit, a map, an itinerary and much more.

Some of the top ten cities include one of my favorites, Salzburg, Austria. But you might want to venture to Cairo, Egypt or Vancouver, Canada or Kochi, India. If you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck, browse through information on Serbia, Athens, Budapest, Zanzibar and more many locations. This guide answers pondering questions and fills in those curiosity gaps.

Lonely Planet Travel Goals

conscious traveler

The Lonely Planet Travel Goals guide is not about planning and enjoying a pampered and leisurely vacation. It’s about having the forethought to consciously choose an intangible vacation, one that offers the impalpable souvenirs of sights, sounds, nature, cultures, and people connections, one that evokes compassion, kindness, love, understanding, curiosity, and excitement, one that builds the spirit and warms the heart, one that adds meaning and will change your life forever.

*Travel without a goal
*Retrace the steps of history
*Sleep under the stars
*Immerse yourself in the local culture
*Have an epic travel fail
*Learn a craft
*Pay it forward
*Get lost in a crowd
*Meditate with Masters

*Retrace your roots
*Help save an endangered species
*Help a community rebuild
*Learn about fragile places
*Strip off
*Traverse a country on foot
*Live on the fringe
*Experience a week of silence
*Embracing your sexuality

Each of the travel ideas come with some inspirational recommendations and suggestions, plus a colorful photo that will ignite some interest. They’ve also included websites to airlines, local growers, factories, markets, and some must-see sites so your experiences are fulfilling.

If you want your travel plans to make a difference either personally or globally, then this book is for you. If you want to check off those bucket list wishes, then pore through the page of Travel Goals. With over 120 different travel experiences from easy breezy to brow sweating, you’ll be inspired to trek, delve, and engage in your own self-discovery.

50 Things To See In The Sky

Stargazers book

Twinkle, twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are! Vacationing does not mean we have to leave our home. A staycation allows us to explore our surroundings, including the big vast sky. But stars are not the only things that sparkle in the sky. We have planets, luminaries, galaxies, solar systems and so much more. Ever hear of a Sundog? My new book 50 Things To See In The Sky is an educational guide to what’s in our skies.

The book starts off with an introduction and offers guidance on telescopes, binoculars, how to navigate the skies and shares some extra tricks and tools. The rest book is divided into 3 sections, Naked Eye, Farther Afield and Far, Far Away. Each section shares what cosmic creation you can observe if you know where to look. With the Naked Eye, you can detect the Milky Way, Shooting Stars, A Green Flash and more. Farther Afield means you can observe the Orion Nebula, Lunar Craters, and Sunspots to name a few. And Far, Far Away means you can zone in on Quasars, Galaxy Clusters, A Light Echo and more.

Each of the 50 things in the sky is featured with an illustration, interesting information and some also share Top Facts. A trip to the country and armed with binoculars or a telescope will allow us to be the observer and explorer and deepen our appreciation for the things in the sky.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary copies to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.