BestCanvas Premium Plush Photo Blanket

We’re just entering the onset of the holiday season and people are starting to get in the festive spirit. It’s the perfect time to start your Christmas gift shopping while stock is aplenty and deals can be found. The stores are now brimming with lots of those generic gifts that we spontaneously and repeatedly buy and dole out year after year. But the recipients of these gifts may not feel the warm holiday fuzzies or the love we intended because honestly, we didn’t put much thought into their gift. If you’re looking for unique gifts with character, then you’ll need to explore brands that supply personalized gifts like is a brand I’m fond of because they offer quality customized products that you can personalize for your family and friends. You can express your creativity by designing your own canvas photo and other lifestyle and home decor accessories. This holiday season, why not symbolize your love with a photo pillow, photo cushion, photo puzzle or a Custom Photo Blanket.

custom blanket

I have been to Europe several times and have taken umpteen photos that captured stunning locations and heart-stirring scenery. They flood me with the most wonderful memories that allow me to recall the moment and reminisce fondly. One of my most favorite places to visit in Europe is Lucerne, Switzerland. It’s a breathtaking alpine town that is rich in medieval architecture and surrounded by snowcapped mountains and shimmering lakes. One of Lucerne’s major tourist attractions is Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke). It’s a covered wooden pedestrian bridge that dates back to the 17th century and its major feature was the 17th-century painting by Hans Heinrich Wägmann. But a fire in 1993 destroyed a large part of the bridge including 100 of the 147 surviving paintings. Of these only 30 paintings could be painstakingly restored. It’s so sad that some history is lost forever. I cannot recall how many times I walked up and down this bridge admiring the paintings, gorgeous flower beds and watching the graceful swans.

Because of my endearing love for Lucerne, I chose to memorialize a photo of Chapel Bridge in a Premium Plush Blanket from My photos were not the best and had far too many tourists, so I found a stunning photo on Flickr that captured the essence of Lucerne. Creating this customized plush blanket was very easy. Just upload your image and follow the prompts as they walk you through the options.

Uploading your photo image

The first step is choosing a photo you would love captured in a blanket and uploading it by clicking the ‘upload photo’ button. It’s important that you choose a very high-resolution image in order to choose the Premium Plush Blanket as an option. With lower resolution images you will only be able to order the Fleece blanket. I uploaded a 6000 x 4000 hi-res image to ensure not only that I have the Premium Plush Blanket option, but that the photo on my blanket will be bright, clear and legible.

Best Canvas designing your own premium blanket form

Once you upload your image, you can drag it around so you get the right view. You can also zoom in if you want to focus on a specific area of your photo. You also have the option of changing your photo to black and white if you like the nostalgic look. Plus, another awesome feature offered is adding text to your blanket. You can select from several different fonts and font colors and you can move the text to where it suits you best. You can have a lot of fun customizing your gifts with these cool options. The Premium Plush Blanket comes in 3 sizes and the photo is only printed on one side; the reverse side is a solid white.

I would like to point out that if you have people in the photo, they will be very obvious in your blanket. They may look insignificant in a photograph, but they’ll be far more noticeable in your blanket. If there is an object or person you really don’t want on your blanket or other accessories, crop your photo first before uploading it.

Best Canvas shopping cart

Once you have refined all your choices, you can proceed to your cart and finish your transaction. When completed, you’ll get an email confirming your order. Shipping is very fast so you have lots of time to design some unique and one-of-a-kind gifts for family and friends. ships to both Canada and the US.

I love this blanket, it’s plush, soft, velvety and oh so cozy. And, the colors are bright, vivid and mirror the original photo. Importantly, it’s adorned with a photo I treasure. Every time I look at it, I get a rush of fond memories. You too can record your epic and memorable photos forever on a blanket, pillow, mug, towel or even a jigsaw puzzle. Or if you take family photos during the holiday season and want to capture this image in a canvas print, then is the place to go. Giving a customized photo gift tells the recipient just how much you care, love and appreciate them.

If you’ve snapped some epic photos this year and want to memorialize them in a canvas print, take advantage of’s 15% discount. Just use the code: PAUSITIVELIVING at the checkout. It’s valid until 31.01.2020!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary blanket and compensation to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.