Ever walk into a home where everything is beige or brown? Well, welcome to my home. Almost everything in my home is one of these soft and quiet colors, which I adore so much. To offset the chromatic boredom, I started adding splashes of some of my favorite colors, teal and aqua, and shades of. I made a gorgeous afghan in shades of soft teals and added a lovely canvas photo I created with I love the ambient effect it has on my living room. It adds so much life and vibrancy that I wish I had thought of hanging a canvas photo in this area of my home sooner. has a lot of attributes that put them ahead of other brands.

They offer high-quality canvas prints at budget-friendly prices.
Their state-of-the-art printing technology uses UV-resistant ink so your photos have vibrant colors.
HP’s special odorless, latex ink means your images are completely harmless to humans and animals.
The electricity for their factory comes from renewable energy sources.
Every photo gets hands-on attention to ensure quality.
Reading about these virtues instills confidence in this company.

Best Canvas print

I found a free image on Pixabay of a mirrored image of Niagra Falls that I loved. I grew up near the Falls and it brought back a wave of fond memories, so I decided to create a canvas print for my living room. Of course, you can upload your own memorable photos, but this image just captured my attention. Creating a personal canvas or framed photo on is super easy and simple. Just upload your image and follow the prompts as they walk you through the steps. Check out the easy steps below.

Best Canvas create button

The first step is clicking on the button that says Create Canvas. Your downloads will immediately pop-up for you to select the image you want made into a canvas photo.

Best Canvas size selection Your photo or image will show up on the right side where you can adjust it to capture the exact area you like. On the left, you just check off the size you want your image made into. I chose the 40″ x 30″ to fit one of my smaller walls. If you are going to have a bigger canvas made, ensure you have a larger resolution. You also have the option to add some text to your image, like maybe a location, date or something sentimental.

Best Canvas design choicesScroll down a little further and you’ll see there are other options and design choices you can make to personalize your canvas. There are free options and advanced or enhanced options that will cost more. I chose the standard folded edge because I thought it looked the best for this image. With each choice you make, it’s reflected in the image on the right so you can see what the finished product will look like.

Best Canvas design choices

The last option is to frame your image. If you’d like a finer finish, then one of the frames might be just what you need to get that polished look. Or maybe you’d like a nostalgic look and opt for a black and white print. For me, I kept it simple. If you want a hanger set, there is a separate cost for this kit as well. Unless you are great at hanging pictures or balancing it on one nail, I’d recommend the hanger kit.

Shipping was fairly quick, it took about 10 days for my canvas to reach my door. It arrived securely wrapped and perfectly intact; there wasn’t any damage at all. I love the look of the canvas print I received, it’s so full of cheerful colors and it looks great in my living room. also offers personalized towels, cushions, blankets, mugs, mousepads, phone cases, and puzzles. I think they’d be ideal gifts you can customize for family and friends. If you’ve captured some epic photos this summer and want to memorialize them, take advantage of’s 15% discount. Just use the code: PAUSITIVELIVING at the checkout.

Disclaimer: I received product and compensation to facilitate a review. All opinion are my own, yours may differ.