Beyond Jade Rollers – A Hidden Ayurvedic Kansa Secret!

If you’re constantly on the lookout to score a healthier complexion and practice self-care at the same time, we have something special for you this weekend. 

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Perhaps you may have used a Jade Roller – you know, those paint-roller-like tools carved out of jade crystals, or you may have even owned a gua sha – a flat, polished crystal, but what we have for you this week goes beyond just cold crystals. 

Did you know that it’s not the jade or the crystal itself that does the magic, but it’s the way you massage?!

Kansa Wand set

And frankly, that’s true with any massage device, or even a cold spoon for that matter. And to top it off, the limited movement of the jade roller can pull the skin and leave it irritated.  

With Ayurveda, however, that’s not the case.

Ayurveda has many ancient, hidden beauty and wellness secrets, and today, we’re revealing one of those to you!

Presenting: Ayurveda’s Completely Natural Alternative to Massage Tools: Kansa Wands! Kansa Wand Massages – one of the best Ayurvedic practices for all skin types – offer all the benefits of a jade roller or a gua sha, but also much more!  

Kansa face wand and before and after picture

Kansa – The Healing Metal of Ayurveda – is believed to contain energetic healing properties. In fact, elemental alchemy is the new norm for beauty!  

Kansa wands are shaped like a dome, which helps it to apply uniform pressure to all marma energy points. And when using an Ayurvedic oil, it helps it glide on your skin like morning mist – no pulling or irritation!

Kansa wand attributes

You don’t need to spend hundreds on a body or face massage at a spa. With your own Kansa Wand, you can give yourself a relaxation massage, whenever you want, wherever you want! And without breaking the bank!

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