Big Knits Big Needles

I have an addiction, although it’s serious, it’s productive. I got this addiction from my mother early on in life. If there were meetings for people with yarn addictions, we would both have to attend. I love knitting and crocheting and I have yarn in almost every room in my home. If I find gorgeous yarn on sale, I’ll stock up (hoard) for the numerous family, winter, or Christmas projects I make every year. I also have a plethora of knitting books, but I’m always looking for new and innovative patterns. I have never knitted with larger needles, so when I saw Big Knits, Big Needles I felt inspired to try it.

Big Knits Big Needles

Big Knits Big Needles has over 20 step-by-step trendy projects that you can make in no time with big needles and chunky weight yarn. There are several patterns for both novice and experienced knitters. For newbies, there is a handy resource section at the back of the book called ‘Basic Techniques’ that will tutor you in the stitches needed to create these gorgeous garments. Each pattern is graded by its difficulty level from 1 – 4, with 1 being the easiest and 4 being more challenging to create.

Before we get into the details about the book, the first thing you’ll notice is the abundance of stunning photos. They’re edgy, upbeat, current, and inspirational. They got lots of zazz and style to them and they’ll encourage you to hone your craft and make some homemade wearables. With autumn and winter fast approaching, we naturally think of making cozy and cuddly clothing for our families, and Big Knits Big Needles is a great start.

The book starts off with a list of tools and equipment you’ll need to make the included patterns. Go through the list before you set your sights on a project, you may not have all the tools required like stitch markers and circular needles. The next section is loaded with great advice and guidance on yarn quantities, getting your gauge right, tension, and how to avoid seams.

As you go through the patterns, you’ll see that most have a diagram that shows the dimensions and measurements in inches and centimeters. And some will also have charts for you to follow. The only disappointing thing is that the patterns only go up to size Large. Most knitting or pattern books will have a section for larger sizes, but this one does not.

The book is divided into three styles of garments, City Knits for a more cosmopolitan vibe, Country Style for some rustic charm and Home Comforts for soft, lacey and sheer elegance. You’ll find seven or more patterns in each section to peruse. I found several that I love and will be making for Xmas gifts. Hats are a big hit in my family, so I’m always making ten or more each year. The Winter Warmers hat in the Country Style section was a breeze to make.

This pattern calls for 10 mm needles and Lana Grossa yarn, but I couldn’t find this yarn anywhere. This doesn’t mean we can’t make this garment though. You can substitute other yarns as long as you get the right gauge. It took just over an hour to make and I had a head warmer for someone in my family.

I love this book, it finally compelled me to start knitting with big needles and chunky yarn, something I really didn’t like about before. Working with larger needles and thicker yarn means I can now create fantastic projects quickly and effortlessly. If you haven’t worked with either chunky weight yarn or larger needles, but have thought about it, then I cheerfully recommend Big Knits, Big Needles. It will boost your confidence when you see how quickly you can make a warm garment. Plus, you’ll have so much fun.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.