Billie B. Brown Books

As a kid, I can remember snuggling up with a warm blanket and reading my favorite books over and over. I loved the storylines and became very fond of the characters, especially if there were a book series. I couldn’t wait to see what the next book would divulge. Fast-forwarding to today, there are lots of children’s books that will capture the kids’ attention. I found an adorable set of books with a heartwarming character Billie B. Brown.

Billie has started ballet classes.
She is sure she’ll be a great
dancer! But is Billie really cut
out to be a ballerina?

Billie B. Brown is a feisty little brunette that’s kind of a tomboy. She has a best friend named Jack, and together they will try anything once. This series has nine delightful books, each with an enchanting story. Each book starts off with a short description of Billie, and then focuses on a topic in which Billies middle initial B, is used as a springboard into the book’s topic. For example, in the first book, the B stand for Ballerina.

What I found is that the stories are relatable and the character believable. These are real issues that kids have dealt with at one time or another. Kids can resonate with each scenario. It’s nice to read a child’s, Billie B. Brown’s point of view.

All the books have a wonderful storyline and share valuable lessons. The stories also deal with various emotions and feelings and how Billie handles these predicaments. Sometimes her feelings get hurt, or perhaps a situation or person got her a little upset, but Billie always turns the dilemma around. Each story has a positive and happy ending, and I’m so pleased to see this.

Billie B. Brown books series

The book covers are bright and alluring and kids are naturally drawn to them. The inside has large print and lovely black-and-white illustrations. We adore Billie B. Brown and look forward to her next series of books.

Disclaimer: I received a product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.