Black Rock MudPot

Our skin is our biggest organ and deserves our commitment to keeping it as healthy as possible, especially our face. I have skin that needs some extra love and attention after our harsh winter. Have you ever seen those commercials where a woman is resting peacefully in a tranquil spa getting a mud facial? I have often wondered how that would feel. Where I live there are no spas, but if there were the cost would be more than I would personally be willing to pay. Thankfully we don’t have to go to this extent to get a mud facial.

Black Rock Mud is a company that offers us a deep cleansing clay MudPot that will make you feel like you’re getting a spa treatment right in your own home. The MudPot is a mineral-rich illite clay that contains over 50 trace elements that support and promotes vibrant healthy skin. I looked up what illite clay is and it’s a green clay that’s efficient at drawing oils, impurities, and toxins from the skin. This action will bring fresh blood to any damaged areas on your skin, revitalize your skin and tighten the pores. This alone will have lots of women, like me, rushing to use this product.

The Black Rock Mud is harvested in the Black Rock Desert every Spring and Fall. Envision a clean bubbling mud pool full of this mineral-rich product waiting to be cultivated just for our skin. I think I would be tempted to dive in and cover my whole body with the mud to cleanse all my skin. It’s 100% organic and void of any chemicals, additives, fillers, preservatives or fragrances. But, they always recommend you test spot a small area for allergic reactions before use.

It’s a dark rich creamy lush mud that feels cool and soothing to the skin. It’s very easy to use. You simply apply the mud to your whole face but avoid the eye area. It will glide so smoothly on your skin and feel silky and luxurious to the touch. You leave it on anywhere from 5 – 20 minutes so the clay can do its job of removing toxins and impurities from your skin. It will be dark when you apply it and you have the option of spritzing your face to remoisten the mud and your skin or you can let it dry completely and wash it off. I used the mud both ways. When you keep moistening the mud it will keep working at detoxifying your skin so this is my preferred way of using the product. You use warm water to remove the clay and expose your new fresh clean skin.

I have skin that is vacant of its natural luster, it’s dull and really needs a pick-me-up so I was really looking forward to using this mud. I really loved how my skin looked and felt after using the MudPot. It’s a gentle product that you can use daily if you like, I personally use it twice a week. I noticed that my skin tone was more even and I actually look healthier or perkier if you will. My cheeks were a little rosy! I can’t remember the last time I had rosy cheeks so I was thrilled as you can imagine. It really does send fresh blood to your revived skin thus my rosy cheeks! Who would have known Mother Nature has the answer?

If you have acne or blemishes they will dry up and disappear very quickly. Another amazing thing I noticed is that the larger pores I have on my nose are a lot smaller. The MudPot does an awesome job of gently turbo-cleansing your skin. I have sensitive skin and react to a lot of products but the MudPot had only positive effects on my skin. There are no side effects, redness, or itchiness when I used the mud. When it’s drying you will feel your skin tightening and even a little tingling may be happening. It’s really a wonderful, mellow yet effective product that all who try it will love.

Green clay is also beneficial for all animals. It can be used internally and externally. It’s great for digestion problems, removing heavy metals, parasites, and worms, and for cuts and bruises. I put a very small amount that I diluted with water in a dish. It was interesting to watch which of my four cats gravitated to it. All four of my cats had to check it out, but only two of my cats ate a little. Did it help them? I honestly don’t know. They seem fine after ingesting it and carried on as always. What I do know is that my animals will not eat anything that smells bad to them. The fact that they ate it must mean something. I did notice that the cats that ate the mud seemed to be going to the litter box more. Perhaps it purged toxins out of their bodies. Black Rock Mud is a product that is safe for man and animal!

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.