Body Calm Meditation Techniques

Stress! We all have our fair share of stress, from mild to intense. If it’s not handled correctly and quickly, we’ll suffer its wrath. Stress has a huge impact on our mind, body, and spirit collectively. When it affects one area, the others are naturally weakened. It keeps us tense, on edge and our negative thoughts racing. Most of us do not know how to disengage from this pressure and, as a result, we manifest adverse health conditions and premature death. One way to loosen the grip of stress is through meditation, and my newest book will share how we can do this.

Body Calm, The Powerful Meditation Technique That Helps Your Body Heal and Stay Healthy offers insight and clarity on why and how we become ill.

Part I: Rest is Best
*Body Calm Philosophy
*Big Benefits of Body Calm
*Stop Stressing, Start Resting
*The Body Calm Meditation Technique
*When the Body Heals
Part II: Harmony Heals
*Causes of Conditions
*Uncomfortable Emotions
*Unhealthy Beliefs
*Unforgiven Past
*Unwanted Present
*Unloved Body
*Unheard Heart
*Unawake Being
Part III: Embodying Calm
*Embodying Exercise
*When the Body Speaks
*Home to the Heart

Our physical form is continually responding to and experiencing our thoughts and feelings. If our mind is inundated with thoughts that do not serve us, healing is hindered and our health condition continues. Techniques for shifting and transforming will give your body the repose it needs to recover while you find balance in all areas of your life. The technique is called ‘GAAWO’, meaning ‘Gently Alert Awareness Wide Open.’ It’s an easy way to still your busy mind and quite literally takes less than a second to start reaping the benefits. It has three golden rules, that if followed, you’ll notice an inner spaciousness or even stillness.

Part II reveals the seven secrets sources of stress and offers ‘shifts in awareness’ and quick-start cures for cultivating more holistic harmony. Each secret has lots of wisdom and insight that we can extract and incorporate into our daily life.

Part III includes five comprehensive directories listing the mind-based causes of issues relating to your body parts, organs, five senses, twelve systems of the body, and 101 physical conditions. Used in harmony with the Embodying Exercises will give you the opportunity to discover and resolve the possible mind-based causes of your physical concerns. Body Calm is a fabulous self-healing program that can bring resolution to the often hidden causes of compromised health while helping us to live in a peaceful and happier way.

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