Body of Truth – Obsession With Weight

We as a society have become preoccupied and compulsive with our physical appearance, in essence, our body image. The media has inundated us with super-skinny images that demand we comply and conform¬†to their values if we want to be accepted. It’s shocking to observe what some will do to get that perfect weight. As a result, we have women and lots of men too, that are obsessed with weight, and they are willing to risk anything regardless of its consequences.

Now we have Eating Disorder rehabs and clinics that deal with emotional, spiritual and physical results. There are also numerous books on the market that help us understand how we can overcome this disorder.

There’s a refreshing new book on the market Body of Truth that digs deep into¬†How Science, History, and Culture Drive OUR OBSESSION WITH WEIGHT and What We Can Do about it! This book says it all and offers hope, solutions and lots of inspiration.

Body of Truth

Ch 1: Four Big Fat Lies About Weight & Health

Ch 2: The Amazing! Seventeen-Day! Flat-Belly! Grain-Brain! Biggest Loser! Raw Food! Diet

Ch 3: Good Food, Bad Food

Ch 4: Money, Motivation, and the Medical Machine

Ch 5: The Truth About Beauty

Ch 6: It’s All in How You Look at It

Ch 7: Now What?


This book is a life changer; it offers concise advice, true facts and no-nonsense how to’s. As you read through the chapters, you might start to see yourself and the bad habits that you’ve created due to your unbalanced diet. If we starve ourselves of certain nutrients, our body is going to rebel, and we’ll start binge eating. Sound familiar? Take heart, you are in good company, and there is a solution. Eating wholesome nutrient dense foods, and ditching the guilt will have a profound positive affect on your whole self inside and out.

If you or someone you know has any kind of body image and or food relationship issues, then this book will get you back on track. It’s well worth the read!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.