BooJee Beads

Having worked in a very busy hospital laboratory for over 20 years there were certain rules, policies, and procedures that had to be followed. We had to wear uniforms, proper shoes and our ID badges. If I did not have my ID badge on I could not get into the restricted areas of the hospital I needed to be in.

We were given a photo ID badge and a standard lanyard with the hospital’s logo on it which were uninspiring, to say the least. I never thought that badges could be dolled up with some snazzy lanyards or badge reels until I heard about BooJee Beads.

BooJee Beads is an online site that carries an awesome line of lanyards, id holders, badge reels and other id accessories. BooJee’s was started by a pediatric nurse who was tired of the boring hospital id accessories and decided to create some badge bling.

When I looked at the BooJee Beads impressive selection I was sad I never got to show off some new vogue id jewelry. But, there are multi-uses for these items. I attend several seminars every year and they also provide us with basic id badge clips that are to be worn during the sessions. Thankfully my next seminar I’ll be flaunting fashionable id wear.

I completely love the Mulberry Vine Lanyard and Wallet set. What a great idea. The wallet has a clear slot were you insert your photo id and has a snap closure so your picture will never slip out for any reason. There is also another slot on the other side where you can carry business cardboojee lanyard wallets, etc. The great part is the zipper compartment where you can carry money, keys or kleenex. There is also a pen/pencil holder on the side, so they have clearly thought of everything. The lanyard is made of a soft gorgeous fabric that feels nice against the skin.

Some lanyards are rough and abrasive to the skin. I also appreciate the clasp that joins the lanyard. There have been many times when a patient will grab your id and pull you down with it. With the BooJee’s lanyard the clasp releases easily so you aren’t yanked or perhaps even injured. The wallet can be removed if you don’t want to use it and you can attach your id badge to the end instead. I think this is a great product for any employee whether a hospital, a large corporation or schools. I also go to trade shows and this would be a great opportunity to bolster your business. You could also slip your business card inside the id screen to promote your company or products.

If you prefer not to wear a lanyard BooJee Beads has some stunning id reels that will dazzle up and badge. The reels clip onto a pocket, collar, lapel or even your handbag. I received the Blooming Violet’s badge reel and it not only holds your id, but it’s also a gorgeous piece of jewelry. These beautiful embossed flowers are studded with sparkling colored violet crystals. The reels retract up to 36 inches and the alligator clip rotates.

They not only considered the practical use of their products they also incorporated some seriously stylish and wearable finery for any id. These products are not just for gals, they had lost of neutral and fun accessories that men can wear as well. If you were eyewear for reading only BooJee Beads also carries several lovely necklaces specific for glasses. Check out their site for the latest ID fashion and clever ideas for their multi-purpose id works or art.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.