Boredom Buster Reads for Kids

Although kids’ minds are like little sponges that absorb huge amounts of information from their environment, they also get distracted and bored very quickly. Storybooks pick up the boredom buster slack and can not only entertain kids, but they can also inspire and motivate them in unseen ways.

For most adults growing up, our storybooks usually started with the ‘Once upon a time’ fairytale opening. That phrase had power and captured our attention. We knew we were going on a magical journey through enchanting realms with mythical creatures and fantasy characters. It was entrancing to turn the pages and immerse ourselves in the story. Today, storybooks have broadened their scope and include educational and skill-enhancing attributes to the pages. Kids will not only connect with the storyline, but they will also learn and enjoy the experience. That’s why it’s good to add new titles to your family library. Here are a few storybooks that we’ve added to our collection.

Dragon’s Castle is a board book about Hector the Knight and Eleanor the Adventurer. They are on a mission to find of the dragon, but why? This book can be used as a storybook or kids can unfold it into a five-foot story strip. Flip the book and the story continues on the other side. Each page shares the character’s progress as they risk going deeper into the castle. Kids will see medieval weapons, keys, coats of arms, ghosts, a wizard, and lastly, a fire breathing dragon. Hector and Eleanor finally find the dragon! You’ll never guess what happens!

The images are bright, cheerful and welcoming. Kids will also enjoy the storyline. Who wouldn’t want to walk through a dark, dank, spooky medieval castle in search of a dragon? Kids would! Ideal for babies and toddlers.

The Tiny Giant is about the life journey of one tiny acorn. As it grows from a seedling and matures into a majestic tree, it has a profound effect on nature. Trees are invaluable. They take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. They also become the home to many birds, bugs, and even animals. And as fall sets in, the oak tree rains hundreds and hundreds of acorns. Squirrels gather them, bears gorge on them and birds savor their flavor. As winter covers the ground with snow, the acorns lie dormant until spring. Once the sun hits the ground and warms up the soil, these acorns sprout and grow into more majestic trees creating a forest haven for the wildlife.

The illustrations are beautiful; they’re loaded with vibrant colors that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Nature is bursting with life above and below ground. Kids will glean insight into life as it unfolds each season. Flowers blossom, fruit ripens, grass grows, bugs come alive, and the acorn grows. The back of the book has a list of some of the various kinds of acorns and some information about the varieties. Did you know that there are around 400 species of oak trees worldwide? The might oak indeed! Great for kids aged 5-8.

Escape Game Adventure, Trapped in Space will have kids on a galactic mission. It’s the year 3144 and readers are on a perilous mission to save a group of astronauts who went on an exploration in a space shuttle. No one has heard from them in over 24 hours and they are not responding to your calls. It’s feared that the evil inhabitants of the star Hyena may have something to do with their disappearance. You must find them and return them to their home planet Vacumy. Then you must escape yourself before the time-travel portal closes for good. But you are not alone. What a mission!

Kids will be presented with numerous clues on each page. They must solve the clue on page 9 before moving forward. However, to challenge kids on this mission, there are three skill levels and each has a time limit. Beginners have 60 minutes, the intermediate level has 45 minutes and the expert level has 30 minutes to solve this mystery. A cute robot named Dooz will guide readers each step of the way. Check out his toolbox before starting your mission as it’s filled with objects that will help kids solve challenging clues. If you’re stuck there are helpful hints at the back of the book. Tools needed are a sharp pencil and an eraser.

Each page invites kids into a cool space scene filled with colorful graphics and curious creatures. But, be careful, some of them are dangerous and should not be approached under any circumstance.

This book is not only fun, it will help kids with their observation, logic, and problem-solving skills. If they work on this mission with family or friends, it will put their cooperation skills to the test as well. Great for kids aged 8-12.

Ready for another mission? Escape Game Adventure, Operation Pizza will teleport you back to the year 1889 in Naples, Italy. Jealousy is abounding and evil is brewing. You see, the inventor of the margherita pizza is about to be poisoned by a rival pizzeria owner. You the reader, cannot let this happen. It’s your mission to find the poisoned dish and replace it with an identical one, and escape before the time-travel portal closes. Mama mia, what a mission!

Again, before starting this mission, kids will need to check out Dooz’s toolbox for helpful tools and material. Kids will need to use their deductive and analytical skills to save chef Raffaele Esposito. Hurry, time is running out. The Escape Game books are great for challenging kid’s puzzle and problem-solving skills. They are a lot of fun and kids will enjoy the process!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to faciliate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.