Borsa Bella Go Bag

Although Fall is my favorite season, I love what summer brings us. A symphony of birds, a collage of colorful flowers with intoxicating sweet scents, lazy hazy days of delicious warm weather, and a  welcomed vacation. The well-deserved respite, a time to get away and experience new sights, sounds, foods with some leisure time with those we love. Vacation time also means packing light. The last thing I want is to lug around tons of luggage or carry heavy bags especially my handbag. Cumbersome handbags feel like you’re toting a millstone, so I choose to use a Borsa Bella bag.

Borsa Bella Go Bag

Borsa Bella is an online company that sells chic & swanky bags, totes, and purses. What I really love about Borsa Bella is that all their bags are made from quality fabrics. What does this mean to a vacationer? It means that the bags are extremely light to carry yet hardy enough to haul or bear what you store inside.

The Borsa Bella Go Bag is a perfect companion for those hectic or quiet vacation days. This perky petite purse weighs just a few ounces, is 8.25″ long and 6.25″ tall and the front pocket is 8.25” long x 3.25 tall. The main pouch has enough space to put your wallet, kleenex, nail file, a small bottle of water and there was some room to spare for postcards. In the front zipper pouch, I put my keys and cell phone. Vacationers could put a camera, tickets/passes, snacks, a translation book, and a map easily in the Go Bag.

The Go Bag comes in several different patterns. The colors are quite cheerful and fun. They have vibrant reds, cool greens, delicious mauves, and more. If you love the Orient, you’ll love the pagoda, cherry blossoms, and groomed bonsai trees on the stunning Fuji-San Go Bag. Like subtle rich earthy colors? Check out the  Black Beauty and London Fog patterns. Personally, the Black Beauty is my ultimate favorite print. Choosing a bag to reflect your mood or style is so easy with the Fashionista flair these bags radiate.

The inside of the bag I received has a dark gray lining that compliments and gives homage to the outer print. It has a slightly quilted feeling to it so it can help buffer any bumps along the way and it’s soft against the body. It’s waterproof so no worries if your water bottle should leak. The lining in the front pouch is the same as the main print so when you open it, it has a continuous flow of color.

The bags are very well constructed. The seams are sewn to perfection. The zippers are hardy, open and close very easily, and have a nice larger pull tab. The strap is slim, strong, and can be adjusted to your desired length. I wear mine across my body so my hands are free. The long strap can be removed leaving you with a wristlet or a short strap to attach to your belt, stroller, bike, backpack.. anywhere you choose. If it gets dirty, no fear it washes up nicely.

These cheeky darling Borsa Bella Go Bags are an ideal fit for our carefree breezy summer vacations. I use mine all the time, I really don’t leave home without it. I take it shopping and I really enjoy how compact and lightweight it is. I hardly know I’m wearing a purse. My daughter called the Go Bag a little savvy sweetheart and thinks they would be awesome for students. I think so too!!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.