Breville One° Precision Poacher

In the Western world, eggs are synonymous with a hearty breakfast. One egg has 75 calories and loads of vitamins, minerals, and iron. Eggs are usually served with a range of other foods to fill you up and start your day, but they’re not limited to early morning meals. Eggs can be eaten with any dish and served in a variety of ways. Did you know there are around 16 ways to cook eggs, but the most popular are hard or soft boiled, scrambled, and poached?

I’ve never been able to successfully make a poached egg; there really is a knack to this process. My eggs break apart and I end up with an inedible mess. But, I was recently introduced to the ‘egg-cellent’ Breville One Precision Poacher, and it has been invaluable in making the perfect eggs. It’s one of those appliances that will empower and give confidence to the home chef to create tasty restaurant-quality dishes with a press of a button.

The Breville One° Precision Poacher,
an Egg-ceptional appliance!

Breville One Precision Poacher
Egg Tray (Holds 6 eggs) with egg piercer,
Egg Topper
Egg Piercer
2.5 Litre, PFOA-free, non-stick pot with glass lid
Probe & Holster
Recipe Cards x7
User Manual

The control panel has a user-friendly and intuitive design. Along with a large LCD that displays the time and temperature, it features all the function buttons in one compact area. It fairly self-explanatory, but the user manual offers eggs-act directions for each method of cooking.

Breville One Precision Poacher control panel

To get ‘crackin‘, turn the power on and decide what method you want your egg cooked — be it steamed, poached, boiled, scrambled, Eggspert or Sous vide. Your next option is texture — soft medium or hard. A default temperature and time will show up on the LCD screen, but you can adjust this to your own preferences by toggling up or down. There are basically only two water levels, a shallow level for steaming your eggs and a higher level or all other cooking options; just fill the pot with cold water to the appropriate fill line. The pot has the capacity to cook 6 eggs at one time, so the family can enjoy breakfast together.

There is also a Delay Start option, it will automatically begin the cooking cycle at your preselected time. So you can wake up to your favorite eggs with no time wasted.

For those who are wondering, Eggspert is a quick and simple way to get soft and creamy textured eggs in the shell. When eggs are cooked at a low temperature in their shells, you can also expect a soft and creamy texture. Sous-vide ( French for “under vacuum”) is a method of cooking in which food is vacuum-sealed in a plastic pouch and then placed in a water bath or steam environment for longer than normal cooking times.

So my humble first attempt at making poached eggs turned out egg-ceptional. No breakage, no mess, no waste. To make the perfect poached egg with the Breville One Precision Poacher, you select Poach/Boil method, fill the pot with water to the waterline, put the lid on, insert the probe into the steam vent and press start. Once the water is at the right temperature you’ll hear an indicator beep. Now you can crack up to four eggs into the preheated water, put the lid back on and the probe in place press the Start button again. In minutes you’ll have flawlessly poached eggs.

Family members are your biggest critics and they say what’s on their mind, so I anticipated some obvious feedback. For those who like soft eggs, they were happy with the consistency and appearance of the poached eggs. For the rest, I scrambled a bunch of eggs and also made a rack of hard-boiled eggs and they turned out well. Now they want me to make the meals from the recipe cards.

The Breville One Precision Poacher is not only for eggs, it has the versatility to poach meats like salmon and chicken as well using the Sous-vide method. The Sous-vide cooking method offers an accurately regulated temperature for all foods. The intent is to cook the item evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and to retain moisture.

To Souv vacuum-sealed salmon, fill the pot up with water to the Souv fill water line. Press the Souv method and choose 58° for 30 minutes. When the preheating is done, place the vacuum-sealed salmon into the pot making sure they are completely submerged, put the lid on, and insert the probe. The probe allows for precise temperature control and perfect Souv results every time.

I love this appliance; it’s a smaller appliance so it fits nicely on the counter without requiring too much elbow room. It’s a breeze to use and super easy to clean up. The lid and egg tray are dishwasher safe, but the pot needs to be hand washed in warm sudsy water. Because it has a nonstick surface, care needs to be taken. Only use wood or silicone cooking utensils so you don’t scratch the surface.

Whatever dish you’re creating, the Breville One Precision Poacher is an appliance that will offer help when it comes to cooking eggs and vacuum foods perfectly.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.