Breville Smart Oven Air

By now we’ve pressed our reset button and have cut all ties with the over-indulgences from the holiday season. As we realistically go through our roster of lofty New Year’s resolutions, we edit this list and focus only on the most important and attainable goals. For most of us, health and diet are usually our top priorities. We start by purging our pantry of unhealthy foods and pulling out the plethora of one-trick pony appliances we’ll need to create wholesome meals. Equipping our homes with multifunctional appliances is the current wave and Breville is on top of this trend by creating smarter, efficient, and multipurpose kitchen tools like the new Smart Oven Air!

Breville Smart Oven Air

Super Convection. Super Versatile.

The Smart Oven Air is powered by Super Convection, an innovative technology which gives you two fan speeds and generates extreme air circulation inside the oven for fast, precise and even cooking.

When I read about the features of the Breville Smart Oven Air, I was very excited. The Smart Oven Air is a new generation countertop oven that has an abundance of innovative and versatile features along with super convection technology which has a two-speed fan — regular and super. It’s bigger, better, and brimming with multiple options that will simplify meal-making and reduce cooking time by a staggering 30 %. It will also reduce a lot of clutter on your counters because it’s capable of doing several functions.

The sleek brushed stainless steel Smart Oven Air offers 1800 watts of power and has a large LCD where you choose from 13 preset functions. Aside from baking, roasting, and warming, this beauty also has settings for pizza, bagel, broil, cookies, toasting, dehydrate, air-fry, slow cook, and proof.

The Breville Smart Oven Air is ready to take on any cooking challenge.

It’s also equipped with Breville’s Element IQ technology which uses 6 independent quartz heating elements to circulate around the food in all directions. Each of the six elements will adjust automatically reflective on the setting you choose.

That’s plenty of space to feed the whole family,
yet compact enough to sit on your countertop.

The unit comes with a 13″ non-stick pizza pan, 2 wire racks, broiling rack, enamel roasting rack, stainless steel air fry basket, a crumb tray, and a manual. The Smart Oven Air is quite a bit bigger than most other countertop ovens, measuring it at 17.2 x 21.4″ x 12.8″, but is still compact enough for your countertop. It’s deeper and wider with a 1 ft³ capacity, giving you more internal space for your larger baking needs. It’s big enough to bake a 12 cup muffin tray. roast up to a 14lb turkey, and toast 9 slices of bread evenly. This is handy when you have guests over or a big get-together.

Another great feature is that the rack positions are conveniently printed on the left-hand side of the oven door window – no guessing. There are four rack positions and each preset function has a designated rack position for perfect cooking. A quick glance and you can insert your rack facing upwards or downwards.


It used to be that if you wanted to air-fry food, you had to purchase a separate bulky appliance. The Smart Oven Air has included this health-conscious option for our convenience. The benefits of air-frying foods are enormous. There is no unnecessary fat added to your food and your meals are nutritious. Air-fry cooks with super convection which means hot air circulates from all angles for even cooking. Plus it’s quick with easy cleanup.

Everyone loves french fries, but not the grease that comes with them. I’ve never air-fried before, I just used my oven to bake fries. But that is a lot of heat generated for one tray of fries. I love the convenience of the Smart Oven Air. The space capacity is perfect and minimal energy is used.

I filled the mesh basket with several potatoes cut into fries. I used the pre-programmed setting Airfry, which automatically set the temperature to 400 and the time for 18 minutes. The instructions also tell you which rack position to use; for air-frying you need to use rack position 3. The result was semi crispy fries that appealed to everyone in my family.


I do have a dehydrator but it’s huge, heavy, and cumbersome. When I need to use it, I have to haul it from my storage area to the kitchen. It’s just too big to keep in my kitchen because it would take up a tremendous amount of counter space. The Smart Oven Air allows me to dehydrate foods easily and conveniently.

I use a lot of dehydrated tomatoes in my meals. They’re nutritious, delicious, and great with so many recipes. I used the pre-programmed Dehydrate setting, but I changed the temperature and length of time. It’s automatically set for 125 º for 12 hours. The settings are not set in stone you can alter them to suit your needs. I’m a believer that any foods heated over 118º will destroy their enzymes, and fewer enzymes mean less vitality. I adjusted the temperature to 118º and added two more hours to the dehydration length and they turned out just the way I wanted.

I dehydrate during the day and night, but you may prefer nights because it’s a little noisy. After about 15 hours my dehydrated tomatoes are ready for my hummus recipe. They turned out perfect.


As mentioned earlier, the cooking space capacity in the Breville Smart Oven Air is big enough to cook a 14 lb turkey. As a vegan, I roast various vegetables that will enhance the flavors in a multitude of dishes. It took 25 minutes on 450 º to roast the peppers to the texture I like. I let them cool and then add them to my recipes immediately.

We’re huge, huge fans of hummus and I make several different varieties. One of our favorites is Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. I used to heat up my big oven to roast my red peppers, but I’m very happy I can do this in the Smart Oven Air. It’s far more efficient and energy-saving, plus there’s minimal cleanup.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Recipe

  1. 1 roasted red bell peppers
  2. 2 cans chickpeas – 15 oz
  3. 1/4 cup tahini paste
  4. 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  5. 1 1/2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  6. 2 large freshly crushed garlic cloves (or more to taste)

In our ever-morphing modern, hectic, engaging world that’s fueled by time and space efficiency, the Breville Smart Oven Air fits in perfectly. It’s here to make life less complicated and ideal for busy moms, singles, students, or the workplace. I use my Smart Oven Air on a daily basis and I’m very impressed with its features and how easy it is to use. No home should be without one.