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Brinili High Power Root Concentrate for Lush, Gorgeous Hair

The Ayurveda Experience is overjoyed to officially reveal a class- apart concentrate for superlative results that gives users volume, brilliance, silkiness and youthful vitality to their hair.

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Get an appearance upgrade for weak hair completely naturally with the power-drops of a high-intensity root concentrate with just 7 minutes of use each time – 7 minutes of use and 7 power ingredients will give you hair that’ll truly be your crown! Enter iYURA Brinili Power Root Concentrate! Want to learn more about this concentrated hair product?


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Introducing Brinili High Power Root Concentrate for Focal Action with Bhringraj and Nili for Lush, Brilliantly-Hued, Robust Hair!

Get an appearance upgrade for weak hair 100% naturally!
Try the power-drops of a high-intensity root concentrate with just 7 minutes of use each time.
Ultra-powerful potion for your scalp and hair roots
Uses the power of masterly hair herbs from ancient Ayurveda
Leaves your hair lush, volumious and healthy


Revive and rejuvenate your dull, lifeless tresses with an infusion of Ayurveda herbs. Made from 100% authentic, natural, vegetarian ingredients.\

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