Brother PT-D600 Electronic Label Maker

Label makers have long had their place in our homes, schools and workplaces. They’re practical, useful, and can be a best friend to the detail-oriented person. Labels can be used on almost any surface, indoors or outdoors. They keep us organized, which means better flow and more production. They’re also no longer boring; they’re becoming quite trendy and fashionable thanks to products like the Brother PT-D600 Electronic Label Maker. With this impressive machine, you can create snazzy labels that look professional or playful.

Brother PT-D600 Electronic Label Maker

The Brother PT-600 is an¬†electronic desktop labeler that comes with its own software and user manual. It can be used on its own or hooked up to your PC. It has an abundance of attributes that are appealing to homemakers and professionals alike. First, its smart design makes it user-friendly and efficient. It has a large, full color, high-resolution LCD display screen that allows for easy viewing. It parades not only your selections but even the tape color. It has a QWERTY-style, easy type keyboard that’s comfortable to use and the specialty buttons are simple to figure out. It can be powered with its AC power adapter or with 6 AA batteries.

Creating a label is fun, easy, and a little addictive. To get started, turn the power button on and then use the arrows keys just below the LCD screen to maneuver through the print menu to make your selections. Choose from the various font sizes, 14 fonts, 11 styles, 99 frames, over 600 symbols, plus more. After each choice is made, press the OK button to move to the next step. If you make an error or want to change something, press the Escape button to go back and change your selections.

I had a blast creating several labels that suited my needs and personality. With the massive selection of pre-loaded frame designs to scroll through, you can personalize every label making it unique. You can print off a single label or several of the same design at once. Although I only used one line of text, you can create labels up to seven lines. The more lines you have, the small the font. When you’re all set and have chosen your characters and design, just press the print button, and it will automatically cut and dispense your label. The PT-D600 has a large internal memory that allows you to store up to 99 labels so reprinting can be done at a moment’s notice.

There’s also several templates to choose from as well, but they are fairly limiting, you can’t change the font for example. I like the idea of creating return address labels, they’re a good size, legible, and look polished and professional.

The Brother P-Touch Editor Software is very easy to install and use. This program offers an extensive collection of label templates so you can create custom labels using fonts, symbols and graphics stored on your computer. With the deluge of options, you may choose from pre-made labels or come up with your own design. The combinations are limitless! When your label is complete just press ‘Print’ on your PC and it will automatically start printing on the PT-D600 Label Maker.

The unit comes with a roll of standard TZe 24 mm white tape, but it’s available in six different sizes from 6mm to 36mm. It also comes in a plethora of different color combinations in the Standard Laminated Tape style. For instance, you can get black tape with either gold or white print. There’s also different kinds of tape for specific needs; Fabric Iron-On, Tamper Evident, Acid-Free Adhesive, Flexible ID, Extra Strength, and Super Narrow. These specialty TZe tapes are only available in limited colors.

The tape has a split back, easy to peel backing. You’ll want to take the one piece off at a time, so the labels don’t curl and stick together. The labels are durable, adhere securely to your surface and seems to tolerate lots of wear.

The Brother PT-D600 Label Maker is versatile and offers everything you need to create a personalized label from a variety of tapes that adhere to any item, to fonts to add style, to frames that add flair. It’s an amazing tool and I think every home should have one. It’s great for organizing your office, kitchen, garage, basement, craft room, and getting the kids ready for school. Once your friends find out you have one, they’ll be borrowing it…. too often. This label maker would make an ideal gift. It’s never to early to shop for the holidays!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.