Butt Bench

If you have aging parents you will know that extra equipment or accessories may have to be installed in their home to make life easier and prevent accidents. My mother in law had to move to a senior’s lodge about 6 months ago and the rooms come with only the basic needs. We made sure she was comfortable in each of her rooms. Her bathroom had to be adapted specifically to her needs while making sure safety was enhanced. Some aids like rails and an extended shower were installed making her bathroom more user-friendly.

When I got the Butt Bench to review I knew this would be the perfect product for my mother-in-law. She likes to dry off and put on her lotion after a shower and found this a challenge with the way her bathroom was set up.

Butt Bench in a standard bathtub

The Butt Bench does not need any assembling or special tools to install it. The Butt Bench has suction cups along one of the long sides that you wet and adheres to your wall or tiles above the tub. No drilling, no holes. It’s also easy to remove, you simply peel the suction cups away from the tiles.

My mother-in-law was thrilled to have a bench to sit on after her shower. It allows her to rest, dry off and apply her lotion at her leisure. She also likes that she is able to keep her toiletries on the bench as well. She used to put them on the edge of the tub but they would constantly fall making it problematic to pick up. It supports her weight and does not move when she does so it’s very safe to use. She also really likes the beautiful tones of the cedar wood, she found the colors quite calming. She called it a godsend and uses it often.

The Butt Bench comes in three other colors, solid pine, white pine and pink pine. They could be incorporated into any bathroom decor.

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Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ. ‚Äč