Buygreen Solar Powered Lantern Review

Solar power or solar energy is power obtained by harnessing the energy emitted by the sun’s rays. The 21st century is all about using this versatile and renewable resource effectively. A large number of companies have developed many solar products to make our life easier, greener and efficient.

Buygreen is one of my favorite companies. I liken them to an earth-loving, tree-hugging, environmentally conscious and very ethical business. They are recognized as a leading online company that specializes in green and eco-friendly products. They supply us with meaningful options like organic, environmentally friendly and solar-powered products just to name a few. They recognize the value that solar-powered products have and how they economically and proficiently serve us in everyday living.

One of their solar products is the Hybrid Solar Lantern. There are many kinds of lanterns on the market today that use liquid fuel, gas fuel, batteries, bulbs or candles. The smell and fumes can be toxic, batteries end up in the landfill, they are hot to touch and then there is the expense of operating them. Kerosene lamps are just too unstable and hazardous especially with children around.

The word hybrid means combining two different elements. The Hybrid Solar Lantern can be charged with batteries as a backup or with a natural light source like the sun or even indoor/artificial light giving you the best of both worlds. It comes with a 110-volt AC and a 12-volt auto charger.

This attractive lime green lantern is a powerhouse that is easy to charge and easy to use. The solar panel is on the top of the lantern making it the ideal location for easy charging or recharging.

We put the hybrid lantern in our front window to be recharged with direct sunlight. I’m not sure how long it took to charge but it was ready to use the next day. At the front of the lantern is the power button. Press it once and it emits light from stored solar power showing a yellow light, click it a second time and it emits power from your battery backup source showing a green light, click again to shut off. A red light indicates the lantern is charging. The charging outlet is just below the power button.

This Solar Hybrid Lantern doesn’t Need to be Left in the Sun! Once charged it can be STORED ANYWHERE and holds a charge for OVER 3 YEARS!

– Super bright LED – 200 lumens
– Waterproof and it floats
– Extremely Durable
– Recharge with the sun or artificial light
– Full charge = 10 hours of ON
– Backup battery with 7 yr. shelf life

The light emitted from the lantern is quite brilliant. We took it with us to a family get together/picnic that went well into the night. We put it in the middle of the picnic table and it beamed enough light that we were able to play cards. It was also used to find our way in the dark to the restrooms. It’s lightweight and hardy and can tolerate the odd drop and bump. It has a sturdy handle and did a radiant job guiding us.

The hybrid lantern is also waterproof. We had a cooler of melted ice that I hesitantly submerged the lantern in. I did it and my family was gasping in shock. Remarkably this little cosmic beacon survived unscathed. I wiped it off and it worked as nothing had happened to it. If it should fall on its side there is no fear of any danger like other lanterns. The light seemed to last forever. I can’t think of a better or more useful product to have in my possession.

Solar products like the Hybrid Solar Lantern are going to be a must in the future. It’s a perfect backup light if the power should go out, it’s ideal for the outdoors, camping or remote areas, they are cost-effective, last for hours and hours and it’s portable so you can take it with you. No home should be without one especially in an emergency situation! It’s superb for indoor and outdoor living. Buygreen has a multitude of other solar-powered products that would be an asset in any home.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.