Calgary Attractions That Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

Calgary is a city that understands its history and doesn’t try to change itself for anyone.  Leaning into a healthy mix of an indoor and outdoor lifestyle, this city is passionate about everything from sports to vacations, and the energy is infectious!

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Whether you’re in town for a couple of days or you’re considering moving here: Calgary has something for anyone who visits.  Getting into town will give you permission to cut loose and have fun, which we can all use in modern times.

Here’s what to do while you’re here!

The Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is internationally famous as one of the best things to do in the area.  Not only are there endless exhibits and fun to be had, but it’s still a functioning rodeo where farmers sell livestock and offer petting zoos to the public.  It’s an interesting mix of the area’s history with modern entertainment, and there are countless reasons why this is the top tourist attraction in Alberta.

Winter Trips to Banff

Lake Louise, Banff National Park - Pixabay

This isn’t in Calgary itself, but it’s a huge reason many people are shopping for Calgary homes for sale!  Winter trips to Banff are unlike anything else.  This snowy retreat in the mountains allows you to ski away from your stress or get pampered until you’re ready to head back to your daily life.  In the summer, these same mountains are gorgeous walking and biking trails.  Every inch of Banff is breathtaking, and you’ll want to come back time and time again.

Visiting the Calgary Zoo

Not many zoos allow you to see modern animals side by side with prehistoric exhibits.  The Calgary Zoo can be found just east of downtown and offers the chance to see over a thousand animals (not counting fish and insects) and take in the majesty of the natural world.  Koalas, ostriches, and penguins call this zoo home and show behaviors most people don’t get to see outside of the wild.  Also, offering interactive exhibits that show dinosaur fossils, you can learn about the area’s history while taking in fun modern animal views.

Sightseeing with the Calgary Tower

Calgary Tower - Depositphotos

The Calgary tower is one of the most famous landmarks in Calgary.  Built in 1967, what you see above ground is only 40% of its actual size!  The other three-fifths are underground, but getting to the top and seeing the city still gives you views unlike any other.  As the tallest landmark in Canada outside of Toronto, it excites and gathers its fair share of tourists who want to take in the views.

Fish Creek Provincial Park

Sometimes city life can be a little too fast-paced!  It’s perfectly normal to want to change things up and get a slow and calming break.  Visit Fish Creek Provincial Park; you’ll feel like you’re miles away from civilization and tucked into a deep forest.  This park has everything from running and biking trails to gorgeous water views and picnic spots.  Every inch of this park is made for relaxation, so don’t be afraid to give yourself a break.


  1. I’ve been to most of these places and would love to go again … especially to the Calgary Stampede.

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