Calliope Games Roll For It!

Summer really is the most wonderful time of the year. The weather is splendid and most of us take our vacations during these months. It’s also a great time for family get-togethers, picnics, and other outdoor activities. I can remember as a child, the exciting and memorable times I had when my aunts, uncles, and cousins would overtake our home. We spent hours and hours catching up, giggling, goofing off, and play lots of games.

Today is no different, my family loves to use any excuse to hobnob, schmooze, and just have some good ole fun. We’re really big on games of all kinds, they’re entertaining, fun, amusing, and sometimes educational to play. Playing games at home is somewhat different from playing on vacation or while traveling, big board games are not that convenient or practical to tote along. We’ve found a game that is absolutely a blast to play and it takes up very very little travel space. Enter Calliope’s Roll For It!

Calliope Games is a family run business that’s devoted to creating new and enthralling games that totally captivates and compels our inner child to let loose and have fun. We’ve had the pleasure of testing driving several of their games which are all fabulous, but the one that has us spellbound is Roll For It!
**ages: 8+
**players: 2-4 (Up to 8 players when utilizing both decks)(red & purple)
**Please note, each game comes with one deck of cards.

**time: 20 minutes or less

Last year, we tried out their prototype for this game and we literally wore it out. Since then, Calliope has gone on to redesign the look, the packaging, and the cards with two vibrant colors, red and purple. I admit that I still love the original color and design, but the kiddos love these new eye-popping hues. Here’s what you get with each game:
**Game rules – English and Spanish (German, French and Italian online)
**30 Roll For It! cards
**24 dice (6 dice – 4 colors each)

Roll For It! is a dice game where you will be rolling your dice to match up with various cards. It’s incredibly easy to play and so much fun. You don’t need any special game board or surface to play on, where ever you are is perfect. It comes in a small box (approx 5-1/4 in x 3-3/4 in)(13.5 cm x 9.5 cm), so it can be tucked or slipped into any bag, backpack, purse, pouch, or pocket.

You can have up to 4 players (8 players with both decks) and they recommend ages 8 and up. We’ve had younger ones playing because they understood the fundamentals of the game. Each player gets a set of 6 dice, the red version has clear colors whereas the purple version has pearly colors. To start the game, each player will roll just two of their dice to see who will go first, the highest value will roll first. Three cards are placed face-up, and each player will roll their 6 dice once, and then match their dice to the cards showing. You can use all or some of your dice. It may take several rolls before you are successful. If you match it perfectly, then you’ve earned the points from the card. The first player to score 40 or more points wins the game. Yay! We actually play until all the cards are used up and then we count to see who got the most points, this way works for us. The cards are color-coded with different point values so it’s easy to count your score. If you get both sets of the game (red & purple), you will notice that the cards are different and I really like that.

The cards have a protective coating on them so they are easy to wipe clean and seem to stand up to the serious manhandling we’ve put them through. The standard-sized dice are cute, colorful, and quite appealing to small children. Caution is highly recommended around small children who may assume it’s candy.

We’ve taken this game on road trips, the airport, picnics, camping, and enjoy playing it at home. It’s a fabulous family-friendly game that’s very addictive. Often times, it’s during these family moments where some of our most cherished memories are created. And, that’s a beautiful thing!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.