Camp Bistro Stove

Summer always seems to go so fast. The sound of birds singing, lawn movers and kids giggling dwindle once September comes around. During the past few weeks, our family has had a few get together’s to say goodbye to summer and just to hang out and have fun. We love picnics and the enjoyable moments and amusing memories associated with them.

As a kid, we went on a lot of picnics and my dad always had a Coleman stove to cook hotdogs and hamburgers on. Today my family carries on the tradition of using a Coleman product to cook our picnic favorites on.

This summer I got to try out the Camp Bistro Stove on our outings. We’ve normally taken propane-fueledCamp Bistro stoves and barbecues on picnics and camping trips with us. But, the Camp Bistro Stove uses butane as it’s fuel so we were curious to see how it performed. I personally didn’t know that these small cookstoves came with different fuel options. It’s a matter of personal choice really.

This camp stove has many attributes. What we liked about the Camp Bistro Stove is that it comes in a sturdy lightweight carrying case. It’s a single burner stove with a large base which we believe is a more stable design than a propane stove. There is no fear of the stove tipping or getting knocked over. The controls are clearly visible and easy to use. It has an automatic igniter so all you do is turn the dial to your desired heat level. You get an instant powerful flame that cooks just like a gas Camp Bistro butanestove. There is a wind guard around the burner so your flame won’t be blown out on windy days. The butane cylinder fits snugly in a compartment on the right side of the stove. When putting the butane cylinder in you must align the notch with the pin and then lock it into place. Then, your good to go. The butane cylinder lasts approximately just over an hour reflective of your heat level. We bought a three-pack of butane at Wal-Mart for approximately $11.00.

We like to take different food items to our picnics. The kids love Kraft Dinner so I always take a box and cook it at the campsite. I personally like to take some homemade soup and warm it up especially if there is a cool breeze. The Camp Bistro cooked all our food items really well. It also was very easy clean even though you can’t take it apart. We live in a windy area and were very pleased the wind guard held up nicely. My husband is an avid camper and took this little stove on his last camping trip and was impressed by how well it functioned. Another note on the case that came with the stove, It’s going to keep the Bistro camp stove protected from dust and damage during its winter and spring storage. All in all, we are really happy with this little stove’s performance.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.