Canadian Gardener’s Guide

Every April and May, we are out in our yard getting it ready for the summer months. There are always leaves and debris left from the previous season and blown in from other yards. Although we are not avid gardeners, we do like our property to have some attractive curb appeal. I’ve planted lots of flowers, shrubs, and blubs, but it’s been a challenge to keep them alive. I don’t know how many clematis plants I’ve planted, only to see them perish the next season. This year I found a resource that will help me create the floral and bee-friendly yard I desire, the Canadian Gardener’s Guide 3rd Edition.

Canadian Gardener's Guide

The Canadian climate is harsher and it can present a challenge when it comes to growing healthy crops and flowers. Being mindful of our Hardiness Zones is important and will ultimately determine our success rate. But, there is far more to gardening than plopping a plant in the ground and that is where the Canadian Gardener’s Guide will be of tremendous value.

This growing compendium is divided into seven sections, Make a Start, Design Your Garden, Plant Your Garden, Grow Your Own, Care For Your Garden, Help and Advice and lastly Plant Chooser. If you are a novice, then it is recommended that commence with the Make A Start section. Otherwise, you can dive into the chapters that appeal to you.

I don’t have a green thumb, so I started at the beginning. Make A Start walks you through the basics of gardening from how to plant to improving and enriching your soil to garden jargon to choosing suitable plants for your plot and region. Each topic is covered with vivid images and written instructions.

The next section, Design Your Garden goes beyond simple plants and feature areas. Here you will also learn how to make a productive garden, a tranquil treat, a wildlife haven, how to lay a path, how to install a deck, how to make a pergola, adding a pond, lighting, making raised flower beds and so much more.

The book carries on with Planting Your Garden. Here you will learn about trees, grasses, shrubs, perennials, bulbs, annuals, climbers and water plants that suit your lifestyle. Some plants require high maintenance, while others need moderate to low maintenance. You’ll also learn about various styles of gardens, how to introduce color and texture to your yard and seasonal effects.

The Grown Your Own section will help you determine what vegetables, fruits or herbs to grow and how to do it successfully. What I noticed though is that there is no indication of zones. I’d love to grow a cherry tree, but do not know which zone it would grow the best in.

The next two sections cover how to care for your garden and offers practical advice on feeding, pruning, topiary, propagating, growing from seeds, lawn problems, mini meadow, controlling weeds, diseases and disorders and much more including colorful images.

The last section offers suggestions on specific plants reflective on your needs. Whether you’re looking for annuals, container plants, water plants, climbers for the shade, shrubs for winter, or deer-resistant plants, the Canadian Gardener’s Guide covers it all.

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.