Candle Warmers Holiday Gifts

There’s nothing like the ambience of the holiday season. Colorful glowing lights, decadent food, festive music and a crackling fireplace where we can warm our toes, is synonymous with all that is Christmas. One way to change our homes into a cozy holiday environment is with candles, but not the run of the mill traditional candles.

I adore the pleasant feelings that candles generate, especially scented ones. The toasty glow and wavering flicker has a mesmerizing and mellow effect on one’s spirit. However, flame burning candles are not practical in a busy household for obvious reasons, so this year Candle Warmers will be helping us create a safer holiday with their stunning candle warming lanterns and heavenly scented candles.

Candle Warmers Etc, is the original candle warmer creator. After a neighbors house burned down due to a candle sparked fire, Bart Kennington created a safer method to enjoy candles. Candle Warmers warms the candles and releases their scent from the top using a 25-watt warming bulb, so flames needed to create the same mood. Now everyone can enjoy the same safe products in their homes. Whether you have children or pets, or just dig the idea of a flameless candle, then these products will appeal to you.

They carry a charming supply of candle warmers, lamps and lanterns, ceramic warmers, and lots of decorative accessories. I got to try out their Hurricane Candle Warmers Lantern and a few of their Scented Candles, and I’m so delighted.

candle warmer

The Hurricane Candle Warmers is available in brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze. I love the neutral color of the brushed nickel, it blends harmoniously with any decor. Its nostalgic shape is reminiscent of those from the early 20th century. Transporting the lantern is easy with its long handle that will accommodate all size of hands. It fits nicely on any table, shelf, nook, or even your bathroom, as long as it’s close to an outlet.

The lantern is 13 inches tall by 6 inches wide and fits any 18 oz or smaller candle. As soon as you turn it on, the aromatic fragrance will permeate your home and set the tone for the holidays. I was entranced with the beautiful reflections bouncing off the candle from the light, the lantern radiated a romantic air, how ideal for Christmas.

The outside of the lantern will get warm but not hot, you’re still able to handle it without any worries. The bulb, however, gets hot while in use, so normal caution is needed. They’re fairly stable, but do have the potential to get knocked over and very warm wax can spill out if you have rambunctious kids or pets. This actually happened in my home, it didn’t harm me or my furniture at all, but the warm wax may be an uncomfortable temperature for children. I have mine sitting on top of the fridge where it not only shares its delicious scent, but it also acts as a nightlight and is free from traffic.

Candle Warmers Candle
Candle Warmers Candle
Candle Warmers Candle

As companions to the lanterns, City Creek Candles offer 16 and 10-oz candles in a variety of scents, there’s something for everyone’s preference. Working with the holiday theme, I chose the new Home For Christmas and the ever-popular Vanilla Cinnamon scents. Both are divine and emit a continual fragrance while the lantern is plugged in. The scents have a nice authentic smell, and they seem to last forever. I’ve had my lantern on every day for several weeks and there’s hardly any wear on the candle, they’re proving to be very economical. My family loves coming home and sniffing the lingering spicy aroma, it’s so inviting. The candles are made from soy paraffin wax and the wick is 100% cotton, plus they boast a classic elegant shape.

I have lots of get-togethers planned in my home over the holiday season and creating a safe and festive atmosphere is important. These products do just that, they’re decorative, worry-free and fill the air with a yummy scent. Using Candle Warmers products in our homes will ensure that we’ll have a safe and memorable Christmas and New Years, and that’s comforting. They would also make fabulous gifts, so swing by and check out all their other scent-sational products. HaPpY HoLiDaYs!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.