Candle Warmers Lantern & Candle

There is nothing more pleasant than using candles to change the ambiance or mood of a room. The glimmer of the flickering flame is soothing and restful to the soul. The warm glow and aromatic scent seem to relax us after the most stressful day. I do use candles somewhat throughout the year but Christmas is the prime time when they are used the most.

Candle Warmers Lanterns

I like my candles to have beautiful fragrances and charming holders so it’s only natural that I would check out Candle Warmers for the most innovative products. They carry a plethora of unique candle warmer lamps, crocks, and plates. They also offer a massive selection of divinely scented candles through their new candle line City Creek Candles, to choose from.

This Christmas I will be using a few new products from Candle Warmers, their gorgeous Scroll Candle Warmer Lantern and Santa’s Cookies candle.

A beautiful candle holder is synonymous with high-end home decor and this product makes the cut. The Scroll Lantern at first glance is quite appealing with its decorative intertwining pattern. It definitely makes a statement about your style and taste. Aside from being attractive, this holder has a purpose and safety is at the forefront. With its top-down design, it’s not only safe, but it also releases more fragrance than any other method. This means they use a light instead of a flame to warm the candle so it can release its sweet-smelling aroma and extends the life of the candle, and no one gets hurt. If you have kids and pets around your home these holders are a must. The candle slides into the open back area of the holder and is shielded by the other three sides. Without the danger of an open flame, you can confidently present your candle openly for display. There are several designs to choose from that would fit any room, any decor or any season.

I love the smell of cookies baking so I chose a candle that would give me the same warm, cozy and delicious scent I adore. City Creek Candles has one of the biggest selections of candle scents and styles I’ve seen online with 36 fragrances available. Choose from Citrus & Fruit, Floral & Fresh, Gourmand & Spice, Seasonal, and oodles more. Hmm, love the welcoming scent of freshly baked apple pie, maple spice, or cinnamon buns? Look no further, these are just a few of their scents. The candles are made from soy paraffin wax and the wick is 100% cotton, plus they boast a classic elegant shape.

Candle Warmers scented candles

Put both products together and you have the perfect addition for your Christmas decor. It says a lot when your family comes home and they ask if you’ve baked cookies. The candles had a nice authentic aroma that’s very inviting. I love these products and they will be the highlight in our festive decorations.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.