Candlewick Christmas Storybook Bundle

December is one of the most exciting months of the year and it’s one we look forward to regardless of any circumstances. But as we draw closer to Christmas, families are tweaking their holiday plans to comply with health restrictions. While we might not be able to rub elbows or mingle with close friends and acquaintances, with the right attitude and optimistic outlook, this year can be the best holiday ever.

To maintain our holiday spirit and festive mood might mean going back to basics. There are so many fun things we can do just with our immediate family and we don’t have to dig that deep. One of the simplest and most enjoyable activities we can do is reading lots of holiday-inspired storybooks. We all have our classic favorites, but it’s refreshing to add a new Christmas storybook or two each year to our festive library. Here are 5 new Christmas books from Candlewick Press that we’ve added to our holiday collection. They’re adorable! So grab a hot chocolate, snoozle with your favorite blanket and read on!

Christmas Is Joy

Christmas is Joy storybook

The reason for the season! Christmas is Joy is a reflection of what this holiday means to an adult and baby reindeer. The essence of the story is about two reindeers who enjoy frolicking in the snow and appreciate just being together. The story is written in a rhyming format and shares all the positive emotions that connect us to this holiday. The words are simple yet they evoke love and make our hearts swell.

Christmas is sharing
laughter and fun
and being with family,
old and young.

We can exude the true meaning of Christmas through our actions not only to our family members, but out to our fellow man. The story is beautifully illustrated with outdoor winter scenes, including the Nothern Lights and glistening snow that give it a magical ambiance. It’s a beautiful story for kids aged 2 – 5.

Mouse’s Night Before Christmas

Mouse's Night Before Christmas Storybook

The Mouse’s Night Before Christmas is an enchanting twist on the classic version. In the opening lines, it says, ‘not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.’ Well, in this story, it’s not true. Living in the base of a grandfather clock, a tiny mouse who is sad because he has no one to share Christmas with. So, he makes a wish upon a star… the star that is on top of the Christmas tree. That should work, right?

As soon as the mouse makes his wish, he hears lots of noise in the front yard. A raging storm is tousling Santa and his reindeer, so they can’t find their way out. The humble little mouse offers to help Santa and be his guide because he knows the town very well. He also helped deliver toys to girls and boys. Upon saying goodbye, Santa mentioned that he did not forget about the mouse’s wish and gave him a gift and map.

The story is heartwarming and shows how a humble mouse’s wishes can more true. The story is written in a bouncy rhyming format and the illustrations are colorful and appealing to all kids. It’s a story we’ll enjoy reading year after year. Great for kids aged 2 – 5.

Dinosaur Christmas

Dinosaur Christmas is an adventurous story about rescuing Santa on Christmas Eve. There is so much snow that Santa cannot get his sleigh out from under its depths. So he calls on the Dinosaur Rescue team. The dinosaurs come to the rescue from every direction using Hummers, snowmobiles, plows, hovercrafts, and ATV’s. They zoom through all the harsh terrain and get there just in time. They push, pull, heave, and tug and finally get the sleigh free for Santa. They use a helicopter to load all the gifts into the sleigh and everyone is happy! Off goes Santa with his reindeer delivering all the gifts. The day ends with Santa celebrating Christmas with all the dinosaurs.

If you have a dinosaur lover in your family, this book would make an ideal stocking stuffer. Inside the front cover, it features all the dinosaurs and their names, and the back cover features all the vehicles used in the story. The graphics are bright, colorful, and artistically stunning. It’s perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Giganotosaurus, The Holiday Party

Giganotosaurus, The Holiday Party storybook

Gigantosaurus, the Holiday Party is about four dinosaur kids, Tiny, Rocky, Mazu and Bill and how they cope with the shortest day of the year. Everyone except Tiny was a little grumpy. To cheer everyone up, Tiny suggested they put together a holiday party for everyone. Tiny was going around and telling everyone how wonderful it would be. There would be yummy food, music, games, magical decorations and a gift for everyone. What could go wrong? Well lots! It took a fearful Gigantosaurus to turn things around. The back of the books has two pages of character stickers so kids can create their own dinosaur holiday party! For kids aged 3 – 7.

A Kitten Called Holly

A Kitten Called Holly Christmas Storybook

On her family’s farm, Jasmine and her best friend, Tom, find the ideal clubhouse for their animal rescue group. But much to their surprise, the shed is already home to a feral cat and her three kittens. When the mother cat leaves, abandoning one of her babies, Jasmine and Tom feel compelled to step in and raise the tiny kitten. But with a house full of rescued animals—and a veterinarian mother who has reached her limit—will Jasmine be able to keep another pet? Or is it someone else’s turn to make a new animal friend? A holiday backdrop and some lighthearted family mayhem add to the charm of this feline-focused addition to the Jasmine Green Rescues series—perfect for readers who think that animals are the best gift of all.

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