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I love to travel, especially to Europe where I can embrace and experience the overflow of cultural, architectural, and historical differences. I like to spontaneously capture interesting people, places and events, or some of my favorite spots, so I can look back and revive the feelings of awe and splendor I felt back then. But, how many of us actually make prints and display our favorite photos? It may sound costly and a lot of work, but thanks to CanvasChamp, it’s super easy and budget-friendly.

I love Lucerne, Switzerland and I’ve spent many, many days there exploring and recharging my spirit. One of my favorite spots is the boardwalk that parallels Lake Lucerne. Its ambience and beauty will have you gasping in wonderment. Sitting on one of the enormous benches and taking in the view of the lake is soul lifting.

Canvas Champ Lucerne photo

The photo above shows people sitting on the edge of the boardwalk along Lucerne Lake, but it’s the background I adore. I find the various hues of blues very serene, calming and restful. I’ve often thought of this photo and wished I could see it all the time, but without the people and steel poles. With a few simple steps on the CanvasChamp site, it now hangs in my home and it’s gorgeous. Let me walk you through the steps.

CanvasChamp makes quality canvas prints at very reasonable rates. With their layout and options, you can customize all your photos to your liking. The first thing you’ll decide on is the size you want to create. I was given a 16 x 20 sized canvas to work with, so that is what I chose and then I clicked ‘start order’.

Canvas Champ

You can start off with the basic canvas print, but upgrades are available at inexpensive rates. It’s on this page that you upload and crop the photo you want to memorialize on canvas. I had to zoom and drag a few times to get my image exactly the way I wanted it to look.

Canvas Champ

Once you have cropped and adjusted your image to the way you like it, then you decide on your wrap and border. I chose the thin wrap and image border. Upgrades for a colored wood or metal frame are also available here if you would like it to look more sophisticated and like a framed picture.

Canvas Champ

Next is Hardware Options and Style. There are five options to select from – hooks for hanging (free option), sawtooth hanger, easel back, easel stand, and dust cover. You’ll then move on to Optional Color Finishing where you can enhance your image with a black and white vibe or maybe you’d like a Warhol look or be turned into a caricature. I love these options!

Canvas Champ

The last step is their Options section which offers Minor Photo Retouching. Here you can enhance color, remove red eyes, remove scratches and a date stamp and lighten or darken the image. There is also Major Retouching and Proof Request. When you’re happy with all the selections you’ve made, click add to cart and check out. The whole process was fun and easy.

Canvas Champ

With CanvasChamp you can turn an ordinary photo into a work of art. For my photo, I kept it simple, removed the parts I didn’t want and I love the result. If you’ve been holding back from developing your favorite photos because of time and cost, Canvas Champ is your solution. Their site is easy to use, their customer service is great and their delivery time is quick.

I’m very pleased with my print, the colors are vivid and the cornered are impeccably folded. Plus, on the back, it says ‘Made with Love”, I thought that added a nice touch. I have no doubt I’ll be using their service in the future. They also make personalized pillows and wood prints that would make perfect gifts for all occasions.

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post. All options expressed here are my own, yours may differ.