Cariloha Diamond Stitch Bamboo Quilt

With more time at home, I recently started doing some of my spring cleaning a little earlier than I usually do. I’ve also decided to rearrange some furniture and update some of my accessories. Sometimes all it takes is a change in color or texture to alter the vibe of a room. And with the year we just went through, a positive change is welcomed in any form. I have a spare room that gets overlooked and is usually put together … I won’t say decorated or designed… with the hand-me-downs from other rooms. This year I’ll be updated this room with accessories from Cariloha and I’ve started with the Diamond Stitch Bamboo Quilt.

Cariloha Diamond Stitch Bamboo Quilt in 3 colors

One of the first things you notice when you walk into a bedroom is the bed itself. While the style and color of the headboard and frame may be outdated, we can decorate and embellish the room with gorgeous bedroom accessories that make everything look fresh and new. And the Diamond Stitch Bamboo Quilt is my first choice.

Gone are the days of floral prints of yore. Cariloha has designed quilts with sleek neutral colors and streamlined the designs so they stay current year after year. It will add some new color, texture, style and design to an otherwise uninspired room.

The Diamond Stitch Bamboo Quilt is not a full-size quilt. It will fit more like a blanket on top of your bed and does not fully skirt a mattress like a duvet cover. It’s more of an end-of-the-bed blanket that can be used when you need some extra warmth overnight or if you need that afternoon nap. Or it’s ideal if you like in warmer climates and don’t need or want a bulky comforter on your bed.

The quilt is made from a bamboo exterior and poly batting interior. It’s soft, lightweight, thin, and snuggly warm. The neutral pattern on the quilt features overlapping sewn diamonds in various sizes, so it will go well with any room color or design scheme. The quilt comes in three colors, Onyx, Coconut Milk, and Blue Lagoon and they are available in Queen and King sizes. They’re perfect for year-round warmth.

Disclaimer: I received complementary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.