Cariloha His & Hers Cozy Christmas

Heavy snowfall warnings, smoking chimney tops, crackling fireplaces, and hot soup are all representative of a typical winter day. It’s our nature to stay indoors and get all snuggly warm. I can remember as a kid, coming home after a day out tobogganing, wanting a hot chocolate and my favorite warm blanket. Fast forward to today and things have not changed much, other than the quality of blanket I use. For me, heavenly warmth comes from a Cariloha Bamboo Blanket.

Cariloha carries an abundance of cozy eco-friendly bamboo products for your family and home. Bamboo is one awesome commodity, a few of its attributes are, it’s a renewable green resource, it requires no chemicals and very little water to grow, it’s very versatile and it’s twice as soft as cotton. It’s also hypoallergenic so it’s wonderful for people with allergies or certain sensitivities.

Cariloha plush bamboo blankets

Reflecting on the cold, frosty, blizzardy days, one of my very favorite items they offer is their opulent Bamboo Throw Blanket, we absolutely treasure them. Their blankets go beyond plush and softness, you just want to sink into their thick pile and drift off to sleep. Unlike the skimpy blankets sold at big box stores, the Bamboo Throws have some weight to them. They’ve added quilt batting to the blanket’s interior core to provide a natural weight that soothing to the body.

The outside has a deep luxurious pile, and the inside has a shorter pile with a slight sheen to it. You can put either side against your body, depending on just how cold you are, I personally like the thicker side. Using this throw means you’ll have a cuddly warmth, unparalleled comfort and a naturally clean earth-friendly product. They come in three colors that will blend in with nearly every home’s decor. They’re easy to wash in cold water and they dry fairly quickly in a warm dryer. They come already wrapped with an elegant ribbon tied into a gift-giving bow.

Cariloha softy socks

Going back to my childhood blanket, I’m a tall gal and my blanket never quite reached my feet, so I always wore thick socks or slippers. Cariloha knows how to pamper our tootsies and make bigger blankets too. They’ve created one of the comfiest pairs of socks I’ve ever worn,  the Bamboo Softy Sock. These fancy feet warmers are thick, warm, and uber cozy. They have a cool herringbone pattern that’s nongender, everyone loves it. They have small silicone traction beads on the sole for those who just don’t like slippers and/or prefer to walk around in their socks. They’re a noncompressed sock with a comfy elastic around the top to prevent them from slidin’ and slippin’ down your leg. I have a family member who is diabetic and they cannot wear anything tight on their feet, and these socks are perfect for them. As a side thought, I had no idea that bamboo naturally repels odors, so they’re ideal in a work boot as well.

Cariloha bamboo ankle socks

Every morning I’m up and walking on my treadmill and I need cool and breathable garments and socks to wear. The Women’s Ankle Socks are lightweight, have ample stretch, and are moisture-wicking and odor absorbing. I love the way they feel on the feet, they’re cool and they don’t bunch or slide into your shoe when you’re running. They have a compression band around the sock that helps improve circulation and eases leg fatigue. They’ve added a bit more cushion on the toe and heel area, so there’s no friction, just all-day comfort. They’re made from 85% Viscose from Bamboo, 10% Elastane, 5% Nylon, and come in three colors and are available in men’s and ladies ‘ sizes.

Bamboo plants are known for their beauty and characteristics and I can say the same for Cariloha products. They are very well made, have lots of green personalities and they are incredibly affordable. I can’t think of a nicer gift to give this holiday season. Swing by their site and check out all their other products. HaPpY HoLiDaYs!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.