Cariloha Micro-Gel Bamboo Pillows

Just like a mattress, pillows can make or break the quality of our sleep. They are one of the main factors that determine whether we have a blissful sleep or not. Pillows come in so many varieties and levels of firmness, that it can be daunting to find one that’s a perfect fit. Just when you get comfortable with your pillow, it’s time to replace it.

How often should we replace our pillows? It’s recommended that you do this every year. Why so often? Well, over time we slough off dead skin epithelium, body oils, and dirt which get trapped in the fabric of our pillows. We then put our face on this unhealthy breeding ground every night which can potentially cause acne and asthma complications. It gets worse, dust mites can also take up residency in pillows, causing a host of even more health-related issues. Do you have pets? Their dander and saliva can also get trapped in the pillows leaving a smell and discoloring the fabric. These aspects alone should be enough to encourage you to get new pillows every year.

Cariloha Micro-Gel Pillow

Cariloha Micro-Gel Pillow

So, you go shopping and the pillow you love is discontinued, or you can’t find it. This is what happened to me, but I thought it was time for a change anyway. In searching for a better quality pillow, I found that Cariloha offers several eco-friendly Bamboo pillows.

Bamboo has several attributes, it’s anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial. It’s also anti-static, breathable, absorbent, and great for sensitive skin. Bamboo is also luxuriously soft, keeps you 3º cooler than conventional pillows, moisture-wicking, and has temperature-regulating properties.

The Micro-gel bamboo pillow offers a medium firmness. This was a challenge for me at first because I’ve always used soft pillows. I get neck pain and headaches from harder pillows so I wasn’t sure if the Micro-gel would be a good fit. I found that the distance from my neck to the bed was good. As soon as I used the pillow, I felt my back popping back into place. I’m a side sleeper so this worked well for me, but my husband sleeps on his back and he found the Micro-gel pillow too hard on his neck.


Both the inside and outside of the pillow are made of viscose from bamboo. The bamboo fibers are coated with a micro-gel which prevents clumping and naturally repel odors and allergens. I’ve smelled old pillows that had a mustiness to them and they are not healthy for humans or animals. You won’t find that with the Micro-gels, they always smell fresh.

I also liked that the pillow laid flat and I didn’t have the end of it up in my face. It feels really soft and cool on the skin and I didn’t have any fibers flying up my nose. One of the biggest things is the pillow keeps its shape. My previous pillow clumped and was of no use after about 9 months, but the Mirco-gel’s maintain a consistent shape. I found it interesting that my cats love these pillows, most likely because they keep their shape and are soft.

I’ve been using this pillow for about 3 months now and I’m finally getting used to the firmer feel. I’m enjoying their positive benefits. Depending on how adaptable you are, it could take several months to break in.

Another thing you can do to preserve, protect, and extend the life of your pillows is by using pillow protectors. They fit like a thick pillowcase and can be washed along with your sheets every week. If you’re in the market for new pillows, bamboo is the way to go.